Cult Leader Charged, Had Followers Murder Hundreds

 January 21, 2024

In a shocking series of events unfolding in Kenya, cult leader Paul Mackenzie and 30 of his followers have been charged in a court of law for the horrific murder of 191 children. This disturbing case has revealed a tale of manipulation and cruelty within the Good News International Church, led by Mackenzie.

The entire case revolves around the grotesque discovery of 191 children's remains in mass graves and the arrest of Mackenzie and his followers for these heinous crimes.

It has been reported that among the dead, the identities of 180 children remain unknown. This fact alone highlights the immense scale of this tragedy. In a more distressing development, it is believed that the total death toll among the church's followers could be as high as 429, many of whom died from starvation.

A Gruesome Discovery in Shakahola Forest

The discovery of the bodies occurred in an 800-acre ranch known as Shakahola Forest. This remote area housed dozens of shallow graves, uncovering the grim reality of the cult's activities. The site became a place of morbid interest, revealing the extent of the cult's heinous acts.

Rescue efforts led to the salvation of 15 emaciated church members. These survivors recounted how Mackenzie had instructed them to fast unto death, a directive that led to untold suffering and loss of life.

Autopsies conducted on the victims unearthed further horrors. It was confirmed that some of the deaths were due to starvation, while others were the result of strangulation or suffocation. This evidence points to a range of brutal methods used to cause these untimely deaths.

Charges Extend Beyond Mackenzie

In total, 95 individuals are set to face charges, including murder, cruelty, child torture, and other crimes. This large number of accused indicates the vast influence Mackenzie had over his followers and the extent of their involvement in these atrocities.

Interestingly, Mackenzie is currently serving a one-year sentence for operating an illegal film studio. This separate charge adds another layer to the complex and unsettling portrait of the cult leader.

Prosecutors have revealed that Mackenzie had persuaded his followers to relocate to the isolated Shakahola Forest area. This move was part of his plan to prepare them for the end of the world. Once there, members were prohibited from leaving or even interacting with each other, creating a controlled and oppressive environment.

Strict Control Over Followers

In a further demonstration of control, Mackenzie required his followers to destroy all forms of identification and legal documents. This act effectively erased their identities and ties to the outside world, further isolating them within the cult's grasp.

For months since their arrest in April 2023, prosecutors worked diligently to gather evidence and prepare their case. This period of investigation was crucial in bringing these charges to court.

However, just last week, the court declined an extension to hold the suspects further, stating that prosecutors had sufficient time to prepare. This decision marks a significant turning point in the case, moving it forward towards trial and potential justice for the victims.

A report stated, “Once inside the villages established by Mackenzie, followers were not allowed to leave the area, nor interact within themselves.” This quote paints a vivid picture of the control and isolation imposed by Mackenzie on his followers.


In Kenya, cult leader Paul Mackenzie and 30 followers face charges for the murder of 191 children discovered in mass graves at Shakahola Forest, a remote 800-acre ranch.

Investigations reveal a tale of manipulation and cruelty within the Good News International Church, with evidence of starvation, strangulation, and suffocation among the causes of death.

The arrest of 95 individuals, including Mackenzie, who is already serving a sentence for operating an illegal film studio, indicates extensive cult involvement. Mackenzie's control over his followers was absolute, forcing them to fast unto death, prohibiting interaction, and destroying their identification.

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