Fulton County Courtroom Accidental Shooting Gets National Headlines

By Jerry McConway, updated on September 26, 2023

The courthouse where Trump and his fellow defendants are scheduled to have their trials had a bit of a dustup this weekend.

A shooting occurred in the courthouse, gaining national headlines.

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  • The Shooting
  • Sheriff's Office comments
  • My Two Cents…

The Shooting

When the shooting first took place, it obviously got a lot of attention, and for good reason.

This courthouse is about to have some very high-profile defendants, including former presidential cabinet members and a former president.

Security has to be top-notch, and someone getting shot is not good for business.

As it turns out, it was an accidental shooting.

According to reports, an investigator who works for the Fulton County DA's office had her firearm accidentally discharged in a restroom, shooting herself in the leg.

Sheriff's Office

After the initial wave of panic, it became clear this was not an altercation but an accident.

The Sheriff's Office posted on Twitter:

"The shooting was an accidental discharge by a Fulton County District Attorney’s Office investigator who wounded herself. She was not critically wounded."

This report was confirmed by former prosecutor Ash Joshi, who stated, "It was an accidental shooting, so there is no intent to commit a crime. Unfortunately for the investigator, she was the one who was shot."

Joshi, when first starting out as a prosecutor, was involved in a shooting that took place in 2005.

A rape suspect overpowered a deputy, took the deputy's gun, then shot and killed a deputy, a court reporter, and the judge.

Joshi stated, "I will never get over that, me and several others, primarily because we lost friends in that shooting."

The wound was not serious and the investigator is expected to make a full recovery.

My Two Cents…

I would advise Fulton County DA Fani Willis to get her security team up to snuff. This is not the type of media she needs right now while she fights for her case to remain in Georgia.

Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has already filed for separation so he can move his case to federal court.

We are expecting Donald Trump to do the same.

And you better believe that if safety becomes a concern, their respective attorneys will pound that point home as a way to try to get their cases moved out of this court.

It won't work, of course, but that will not stop them from making a big stink about it to get some additional headlines.

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