Court Tosses Michael Cohen’s Bid To Revive Trump Lawsuit

 January 6, 2024

In a significant legal development, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has denied Michael Cohen's bid to resurrect his lawsuit against former President Donald Trump. This ruling marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing legal saga involving Trump and his former attorney.

The court upheld the earlier decision of a lower court, effectively closing the doors on Cohen's allegations of being imprisoned unjustly in retaliation for his critical book and media statements about Trump.

Michael Cohen's journey through the legal system has been tumultuous. H was sentenced to three years in prison on multiple charges, including campaign finance violations, lying to Congress, and tax evasion. His early release to home confinement was followed by a brief return to prison. Cohen was sent back to prison after he declined to agree not to publish his book criticizing Trump. However, a judge soon ordered his release, citing the imprisonment as retaliatory for his book publication.

Following the completion of his sentence, Cohen filed a lawsuit against Trump and Department of Justice officials in December 2021. This lawsuit was subsequently dismissed by a district court. Undeterred, Cohen appealed this dismissal, which led to the January 2, 2024, decision by the 2nd Circuit Court to reject his appeal.

The Court's Ruling and Its Implications

The rejection of Cohen's appeal is a significant legal blow to him. Cohen claimed his imprisonment violated his 1st and 8th Amendment rights, NTD reported.

However, the court found his claims lacked merit. Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe, the clerk for the 2nd Circuit Court, succinctly affirmed the judgment of the district court, effectively ending Cohen's current legal recourse.

Trump's attorney, Alina Habba, lauded the court's decision. She stated, "We are very pleased with today’s ruling. Mr. Cohen’s lawsuit was doomed from its inception. We will continue to fight against any frivolous suits aimed at our client.”

Michael Cohen, expressing his disappointment with the ruling, highlighted the broader implications of this decision on democracy and free speech. He said, "The outcome is wrong if democracy is to prevail. A writ of habeas corpus cannot be the only consequence to stop a rogue president from weaponizing the Department of Justice from locking up his/her critics in prison because they refuse to waive their First Amendment right.”

Cohen's Determination to Continue the Legal Fight

Despite the setback, Cohen remains determined to challenge the ruling. He has expressed his intention to take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

His resolve stems from his belief that the outcome of this case infringes on the fundamental principles of democracy and the right to free speech.

Cohen's legal battles have been closely watched, reflecting the tense political climate and the ongoing debates over freedom of speech and the use of governmental power.

Conclusion: A Reflection on the Legal Journey

Michael Cohen's legal journey represents a complex intertwining of personal, political, and legal narratives.

From his initial sentencing to the latest court decision, each development has shed light on the nuances of the American legal system and its interaction with political figures.

Cohen's case against Trump, though now facing significant hurdles, continues to stir discussions about legal rights, political retaliation, and the broader implications for American democracy.

The unfolding of this case will undoubtedly be followed with keen interest as it progresses, potentially to the highest court in the nation.

Whether Cohen's appeal to the Supreme Court will materialize and, if so, how it will be received, remains a matter of significant public and legal interest.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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