Congressman Rescues Stranded Americans In Haiti, Charges Biden With Abandonment

By Victor Winston, updated on March 13, 2024

In a recent daring mission, Representative Cory Mills demonstrated commendable leadership.

Rep. Cory Mills, R-Fla., spearheaded the successful evacuation of Americans from the grip of turmoil in Haiti, marking a momentous instance of U.S. citizens being whisked away from danger abroad under the current administration, Fox News reported.

The operation headed by Rep. Cory Mills, focusing on the safety of individuals at the Have Faith Orphanage in Haiti, resonates deeply with the growing concern over the safety of Americans in foreign crises.

Amidst the escalating violence in Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, this rescue operation emerges as a significant action reflecting the challenges and efforts in safeguarding U.S. citizens overseas. The U.S. military's subsequent deployment underlined the gravity of the situation, ensuring security reinforcement at the U.S. Embassy and facilitating the evacuation of non-essential personnel.

A Bold Rescue Amid Continuing Crisis

Haiti's prevailing conditions, especially the escalating violence, including gang activity seeking to control strategic locations such as the main airport, served as a backdrop to the critical operation. The complexities of the political landscape in Haiti were further highlighted by the resignation of Haitian Acting Prime Minister Ariel Henry, aiming to transition power amidst chaos.

The U.S. involvement transcends mere evacuation efforts, showcasing support for Haiti's self-determination path through financial assistance for a multinational force. Rep. Lisa McClain from Michigan expressed deep gratitude towards Mills for the operation's success, albeit casting a critical eye on the State Department's handling of the crisis.

Rep. Cory Mills stated:

This mission reiterates a disturbing reality under President Biden’s leadership: American lives are continually jeopardized. There’s a clear pattern of abandonment. Yet again, this group was left behind by Biden and his State Department after requesting their help in-country.

Praise and Criticism in the Wake of Rescue

The State Department’s stance, emphasizing the priority of U.S. citizens' safety, contrasts with criticisms of the administration's response to the crisis, highlighting a complex narrative of rescue, concern, and political discourse. The advisory issued to U.S. citizens in Port-au-Prince to monitor local news and arrange departures when possible underlines the precarious nature of the situation.

The ordeal of Americans in Haiti underscores a broader challenge faced by the U.S. in ensuring the safety of its citizens abroad amidst escalating global unrest. Rep. Mills' operation brought relief and hope to those rescued and stirred a discourse on the adequacy and promptness of governmental response in times of crisis.

Reflections on American Safety and Diplomacy Abroad

Despite the successful operation, countless Americans reportedly remain in precarious situations abroad, pointing to an ongoing concern for the U.S. government. The sentiment of abandonment and the desperate conditions faced by those trapped in conflict zones like Haiti demand a reassessment of strategies for protecting American lives outside the U.S.

The critique from Rep. Lisa McClain, pointing to the frustration over perceived inaction, reflects a broader debate on the role and effectiveness of the State Department in crisis scenarios. Meanwhile, the absence of an immediate response from the State Department to criticisms further fuels the controversy surrounding the U.S.'s diplomatic engagements and crisis intervention strategies.


The rescue mission led by Rep. Cory Mills serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges facing American citizens in turbulent regions. It underscores the complexity of international politics, the necessity of decisive action in times of crisis, and the ongoing debate over the U.S. government's role in ensuring the safety of its citizens abroad.

Amid growing instability across the globe, the efforts to protect Americans overseas continue to be a critical concern, reflecting on both the dedication of individuals like Rep. Mills and the broader strategic imperatives of the United States.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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