Congress Could Tip House To GOP: Insider

 December 30, 2023

The unfolding political landscape hints at a potential shift in the U.S. House of Representatives.

About two dozen House Democrats are not seeking re-election in 2024, contrasted with 14 Republicans, potentially tilting control to the GOP.

A senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, Molly Reynolds reflected on the current congressional environment, stating, "Members sort of knew that this is what the institution is currently like when they chose to run for office."

Democrats Face More Retirements Than GOP

This trend of more Democrats than Republicans stepping away from re-election bids could impact the balance of power. About half of these Democrats are eyeing other political roles.

In comparison, a smaller number of Republicans, 14, have announced their departure from the House, with three seeking different elected positions.

The period after the holidays is expected to bring more retirement announcements as legislators spend time with their families and reassess their political futures.

Retirements Indicate a Diverse Range of Motivations

While retirements might suggest discontent, experts believe they don't necessarily indicate widespread dissatisfaction within either party.

High-profile exits include Republican George Santos, who faced expulsion, and former Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Noteworthy Democrats stepping down include Katie Porter, Elissa Slotkin, and Abigail Spanberger, all of whom are pursuing higher offices. Their departures are particularly significant as they represent competitive districts.

Competitive vs. Safe Districts: A Party Contrast

Democrats Dan Kildee and Jennifer Wexton are also notable for their retirements in competitive areas.

On the Republican side, most retirements are occurring in districts considered safe and less likely to change party hands.

Redistricting efforts, notably in states like North Carolina, have added challenges for certain Democratic incumbents, complicating their re-election prospects.

Ambition Fuels Political Changes

Ambition is a significant driver behind these changes, with approximately half of the retiring Democrats aiming for other political offices.

Representative Richard Hudson, House GOP campaign chair, highlighted the differing impacts of these retirements, "Retirements are a huge problem for the Democrats. They’re not a problem for us."

Representative Tom Cole, a Republican, expressed surprise at the number of Democrats leaving, considering recent political developments.

Shifting Dynamics Ahead of 2024 Elections

The 2022 midterms saw Democrats like Porter, Slotkin, and Spanberger secure wins in highly contested House districts. 2023 has witnessed an increasing number of retirements, particularly among Democrats, signaling a possible advantage for the GOP in the 2024 elections.

Representative Brian Higgins, a retiring Democrat, lamented the current state of Congress, citing inefficiencies and a lack of service to the American populace. "We're spending more time doing less. And the American people aren't served," he said.

As we approach the 2024 elections, these retirements, especially in competitive districts, could play a pivotal role in determining which party gains control of the House.

  • Approximately two dozen Democrats not seeking re-election in 2024, with half eyeing other offices.
  • Fourteen Republicans stepping down, and three are aiming for different elected positions.
  • More retirements are anticipated post-holidays.
  • Key GOP exits include George Santos and Kevin McCarthy, Democrats losing strong contenders in competitive districts.
  • Redistricting and political ambitions influencing the retirement landscape.
  • The 2024 elections could see a shift in House control, favoring the GOP.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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