Conflict Arises as Lawyer's Daughter Confronts Hunter Biden Over Financial Dependency

 June 4, 2024

Kevin Morris, an attorney, is caught in a financial and familial dilemma as he supports Hunter Biden amidst legal troubles.

The internal conflict within Kevin Morris's family intensifies as his daughter pleads with Hunter Biden to cease relying on her father's financial generosity.

The Western Journal reported that Kevin Morris, often referred to as Hunter Biden's "sugar brother," has provided extensive financial aid to Biden since their meeting in 2019. This aid includes covering legal fees, renting a luxurious house in Venice Beach, California, and purchasing Biden's paintings.

The Burden of Support Weighs Heavily

However, the financial support has strained Morris's resources and caused discord within his own family. According to an anonymous source close to the family, Morris’s relatives have distanced themselves due to their discontent with the ongoing financial aid he provides to Biden.

Dulcie Lou Morris, the daughter of Kevin Morris, confronted Hunter Biden with a stern request: "Stop taking advantage of my father."

Morris's support includes a $17,500 monthly payment for a house in California from January 2020 to October 15, 2020, and more than $6.5 million in loans from 2021 through 2023. These loans are not due for repayment until October 1, 2025.

Financial Strain Amid Political Intrigue

Kevin Morris's financial exhaustion is compounded by the legal controversies surrounding Hunter Biden, who is currently involved in two criminal trials.

Morris is concurrently implicated in an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden and faces scrutiny by House Oversight and Judiciary committees.

A person close to Morris, who preferred to remain anonymous, shared:

The reason Kevin got involved financially in the first place was that he could see that no one was going to help Hunter. Now, four and a half years later, there’s still no help—and now Kevin is completely tapped out. So just when Hunter is facing two criminal trials starting in a few weeks, he has no resources. It’s pretty dire.

Hunter Biden's trial commenced this Monday, focusing on his alleged falsehoods on a federal form to purchase a gun, where he declared he was not using illegal drugs at a time when his memoir confirmed drug use.

Legal Battles Cast Long Shadows

This confrontation and the financial entanglements surface amid serious legal and political inquiries impacting both Hunter Biden and, potentially, his father, President Joe Biden. Kevin Morris confirmed the accounts of financial assistance and family conflict to Politico, though he chose not to expand on the details.

The extended involvement and the burgeoning financial strain indicate a complex web of personal and political implications that unfold as Hunter Biden's legal battles persist.

In summary, the saga of Hunter Biden's legal and financial turmoil involves substantial support from Kevin Morris, which has led to significant intra-family conflict and legal scrutiny. As Morris confronts financial exhaustion, the family drama intersects with broader political controversies, marking a critical phase in Hunter Biden's ongoing trials and the associated political drama.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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