Comer Says GOP Has Enough Votes to Impeach Biden

 December 4, 2023

In a recent development, House Oversight Chairman James Comer has claimed that there are adequate Republican votes to initiate a formal impeachment proceeding against President Joe Biden.

A shift in stance has occurred, with Republican representatives reportedly showing support for the impeachment inquiry focusing on alleged corruption by the President.

During a recent interview on Fox News, Comer cited a change in the Republican House members' stance following their interactions with the public over the Thanksgiving break. He noted that many congresspeople, engaging with their constituents for the first time in weeks, encountered a strong desire for the impeachment inquiry to proceed.

A Thanksgiving Revelation for the Republicans

There have been allegations against President Biden regarding dishonesty about his son's business activities and his family's financial transactions with China. These are serious charges that, if proven, could have significant political implications.

Comer cited bank records as evidence supporting the allegations. He stated that these records revealed a money trail leading to millions of dollars from foreign countries.

Comer said that Thanksgiving brought about a significant change in their perspective on the impeachment proceedings. He stated:

"A great thing happened during Thanksgiving. The members went home, many of them for the first time, and circulated for the first time in over ten weeks, and they met people in Walmart and people on Main Street."

Constituents' Desire for an Impeachment Inquiry

According to Comer, the representatives heard from their constituents a strong demand for the impeachment inquiry to proceed. This sentiment stems from concerns over the potential corruption induced by the business practices of Biden’s family members.

There is also criticism aimed at the Department of Justice's handling of the criminal probe into the president’s son, Hunter Biden. The Republican-led House believes it is essential to understand how these factors have potentially influenced government decisions.

Comer expressed confidence in the credibility of their investigation and the amount of evidence accumulated so far. He asserted that this confidence would help them gather the necessary votes to advance the impeachment inquiry.

“So we are unified at a time when I think it’s no secret our conference is broken in a lot of ways. The members have heard from their constituents back home. They have confidence in the credibility of our investigation and the mountains of evidence that we have accumulated. So I’m confident we’re going to have the votes to move forward with this impeachment inquiry.”

Resistance from the White House

Despite the growing political pressure, the White House has consistently denied allegations of obstruction. It has even shared a list of the documents and personnel made available to congressional investigators.

However, the Republicans claim that they have faced resistance in key areas of their investigation. As a result, the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, considers formalizing the inquiry a necessary step to overcome this perceived stonewalling.

President Biden and his allies maintain that he committed no wrongdoing. They contend that the investigative efforts by House Republicans are politically motivated.

A Narrow Margin for the Republicans

Comer acknowledged the tight vote margin the Republicans have to approve a formal impeachment inquiry. With the Democrats likely voting against the move and the recent loss of Rep. George Santos, the Republicans cannot afford to lose more votes.

Yet, despite the challenges, Comer remains optimistic. He believes that the gravity of the situation will rally Republican support for the impeachment effort.

He specifically mentioned Rep. Ken Buck, a known critic of the impeachment effort, implying that even such detractors would acknowledge the importance of the investigation.


  • Chairman James Comer believes the Republicans have sufficient votes for a corruption-focused impeachment inquiry against President Biden.
  • Comer notes a change in the stance of Republican representatives following their interaction with constituents during the Thanksgiving break.
  • There are serious allegations against President Biden, including dishonesty about his son's business activities and his family's financial dealings with China.
  • The impeachment inquiry also aims to scrutinize the Department of Justice's handling of the criminal probe into Hunter Biden.
  • The White House denies allegations of obstruction and maintains Biden's innocence.
  • Despite the challenges and tight vote margin, Comer remains optimistic about garnering sufficient support for the impeachment inquiry.

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