Comer Says Biden Should Be Impeached Soon

 November 6, 2023

House Oversight Chairman James Comer delivered a potent statement on the ongoing impeachment inquiry surrounding President Joe Biden's family and their alleged foreign business dealings.

Comer, who is spearheading the investigation, has held Biden should face impeachment, but ultimately, the decision rests with Speaker Mike Johnson.

The impeachment inquiry, set in motion in mid-September 2023 under former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, focuses on accusations of the Biden family's foreign business corruption. Comer has indicated that the inquiry is in its "downhill phase," signaling a nearing end to the investigative process.

Awaiting Speaker Johnson's decision

Speaker Johnson has, in turn, stated that a decision on the impeachment is imminent, though he has refrained from predicting the outcome. His statement comes as the inquiry is moving into a phase of increased activity, with more documents and subpoenas expected to be released soon.

The Biden administration has faced criticisms for allegedly obstructing the inquiry. However, the investigation has made notable progress, with investigators gaining access to bank accounts that suggest money laundering activities.

Republicans argue they have concrete evidence of the Biden family’s influence peddling. Now, they are shifting their attention to President Joe Biden's potential involvement in these activities. Payments made to Biden by family members are being scrutinized for potential links to the allegations.

Crucial week ahead in inquiry

This week, Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan is scheduled to depose special counsel David Weiss. Weiss is spearheading a separate criminal inquiry into Biden's son, Hunter. His deposition could prove pivotal in the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

James Comer, in a recent statement, anticipated a "big week" ahead. He hinted at the release of more loan documents and the issuance of around two dozen subpoenas in the near future.

"People ask me why I haven’t put someone in jail yet. All I can do is investigate. The House of Representatives can determine whether or not to impeach. But, at the end of the day, we’re going to need an attorney general who does the right thing and prosecutes people according to the law and doesn’t have a two-tier system of justice."

Impeachment decision on the horizon

With the inquiry reaching a critical point, the impeachment decision now largely rests on Speaker Johnson. The Speaker's decision will likely be influenced by the findings presented by Comer and his investigative team. Comer reiterated his stance, saying:

"I think he should [be impeached], but that’s going to be left up to the speaker."

This statement shows Comer's belief in the seriousness of the allegations against Biden, but also his recognition of the procedural role Speaker Johnson plays in the impeachment process.

The next steps in the process will determine the potential impeachment of President Biden. The coming week promises to be an important one in this ongoing political saga.


  • An impeachment inquiry into President Biden's family and their alleged foreign business dealings is nearing its end, led by House Oversight Chairman James Comer.
  • Comer believes Biden should be impeached, but the decision ultimately lies with Speaker Mike Johnson.
  • The Biden administration has been accused of obstructing the inquiry, although investigators have reportedly discovered evidence of money laundering.
  • The Republicans claim to have proven the Biden family's influence peddling, and attention is now shifting to examining President Biden's potential involvement.
  • Special counsel David Weiss, investigating Hunter Biden, is set to be deposed by Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan this week.

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