Colorado Republicans Navigate Complex Selection for Buck's Successor

By Victor Winston, updated on March 29, 2024

A special selection panel of Colorado Republicans is on the cusp of deciding who will complete U.S. Rep. Ken Buck's term, potentially impacting Rep. Lauren Boebert's political future and offering the chosen candidate a dual advantage in the upcoming June elections.

According to NBC News, the departure of U.S. Rep. Ken Buck has stirred the waters, bringing to light a unique selection process that could shape the future of the state's representation in Congress.

Buck, who announced his sudden resignation on March 22, 2024, cited his growing dissatisfaction with the discord rampant in the halls of the U.S. Capitol as the reason for his departure. His exit has not only vacated a significant seat but also introduced uncertainty in a convoluted race.

A special Republican panel is poised to make a decision that could have far-reaching consequences. The chosen individual will not only complete Buck's term but also gain a pivotal advantage by winning a special election against a Democratic opponent. This edge cannot be understated, potentially allowing the Republican party to maintain its slender majority in the U.S. House.

Unique Political Challenge for Boebert

Rep. Lauren Boebert finds herself at the heart of this unfolding drama. Known for her determined and often divisive political stance, the panel's decision could jeopardize Boebert’s pursuit of another term in Congress. Not only is she vying for the seat, but she is also contending with the political machinations that have emerged following Buck's unexpected resignation.

Seth Masket, the director at the Center on American Politics in Denver, illuminates the situation's complexity, noting Ken Buck's departure as a significant disruptor.

"Ken Buck threw a wrench into the whole thing," Masket observed. His resignation and the subsequent selection process have amplified the unpredictability of an election cycle that was already far from straightforward.

Lauren Boebert has been vocal about her concerns regarding the selection process, which she perceives as an attempt by the establishment to manipulate the outcome.

"The establishment concocted a swampy backroom deal to try to rig the election," Boebert articulated, emphasizing the importance of her voice in Congress. She asserts that her decision to continue representing her current district simplifies the Republicans' task of retaining their House majority.

The Advantages of a Dual Campaign

The candidate selected to complete Buck's term will inevitably enjoy the spotlight, presenting a unique opportunity to boost their notoriety and gather support. This spotlight provides amplified media coverage and opens doors to potential fundraising avenues, offering a significant advantage in the race.

In this charged atmosphere, accusations of election rigging and concerns over the integrity of the political process have come to the forefront. Boebert, with her flair for capturing national attention, has found herself embroiled in a battle that transcends the normal bounds of election campaigning.

As the Colorado Republican panel convenes to make their choice, the implications of their decision will reverberate across the state and within the halls of Congress. With the Republican party striving to maintain its delicate majority, this selection process's outcome could tip the scales.


The saga unfolding in Colorado is a testament to the complexities of political maneuvering and the unforeseen consequences of a single resignation. As Rep. Ken Buck steps away, a series of events has been set in motion that will challenge the established norms of political contests, testing the candidates' resolve and the electorate's patience.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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