Colorado Rep Resignation Puts GOP Margin In Doubt

By Victor Winston, updated on March 16, 2024

In an unexpected political move, Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) has decided to step down from Congress. His resignation not only startles his colleagues but also jeopardizes the slim Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

According to Yahoo, Rep. Ken Buck openly criticized the current presidential candidates and highlighted the urgent necessity for electoral reform. According to Buck, the selection process for various political roles is flawed and needs reconsideration. His decision to resign was driven by a strong conviction to influence the 2024 general election and the candidate selection process. Buck plans to vacate his congressional seat by the end of next week, aiming to focus on these issues.

Buck has been known for his staunch conservative views as a member of the House Freedom Caucus. However, he's also known for his willingness to challenge party lines and leadership on certain issues. One notable instance was his opposition to the impeachment of President Joe Biden, citing a lack of sufficient evidence.

Buck's Departure Stirs Political Waters

House Republicans are left with a slender majority, holding only 218 seats. This puts their control at risk, with just a two-vote margin for retaining majority control on floor votes. Buck's departure adds to the challenges the GOP faces in maintaining unity and steering legislation through the House.

House Speaker Mike Johnson expressed his surprise at Buck's decision and has expressed a desire to discuss it further. "I was surprised by Ken’s announcement. I look forward to talking to him about that," Johnson remarked, highlighting the suddenness of Buck's resignation. Democrats, on the other hand, see this as an opportunity to regain control of the House, with one Democratic strategist optimistically stating, "Just give us the majority for the rest of the year. Good grief."

Buck's resignation not only impacts the Republican stronghold but also necessitates a special election in Colorado. This could pose a challenge for Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), who may face new political dynamics in the upcoming election.

A Fragile Majority at Stake

The GOP majority is now the smallest since the 72nd Congress in 1930. Republicans have increasingly relied on Democratic votes for passing significant legislation, including government funding bills. This underscores the precarious nature of their majority and the importance of cohesion within the party.

Rep. Ken Buck addressed concerns about his departure impacting GOP legislative efforts. He believes his resignation may benefit his party by reducing the likelihood of further impeachment votes against him, "Everybody I’ve talked to is complaining about the choices they have for president. And it is time that we start talking about how we elect presidents, and how we elect Senators and congressmen and local leaders. And I feel very strongly about that. I don’t have an organization to join. I just know in my heart, I want to get involved in this election cycle and work on that issue."


Buck's resignation is a clear indication of the challenges Republicans face in keeping their majority intact amidst various pressures, including absences for numerous reasons. The upcoming special election in Colorado will also be a key event to watch, potentially shifting the political landscape.

This story began with Rep. Ken Buck announcing his resignation to focus on the 2024 election cycle and will resign by the end of next week. His departure tightens the Republican majority in the House, igniting discussions among political figures about future legislative strategies and the implications for both political parties. Buck's resignation triggers a requirement for a special election, affecting the political landscape and strategies moving forward.

Rep. Ken Buck's surprise resignation underscores the tension within the Republican Party and the challenges of maintaining a majority in the House of Representatives. His departure not only opens a discussion about the electoral process and candidate selection but also highlights the fragility of the current political balance. With a special election on the horizon and Democrats seeing an opportunity to regain control, the political landscape is poised for significant changes.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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