College Student Found Near Appalacian Trailhead After Going Missing Weeks Before

 December 27, 2023

In an unexpected conclusion to a harrowing ordeal, 22-year-old Rochester Institute of Technology student Matthew Grant was found safe weeks after his mysterious disappearance.

Matthew Grant, last seen on November 20 in Henrietta, NY, was found on December 13 in Pennsylvania, ending a weeks-long search.

Originally from Michigan, Grant was reported missing after he left his off-campus residence and vanished. His sudden disappearance sparked widespread concern and a diligent search effort. Despite leaving without his phone or wallet, Grant managed to stay out of sight for over a month.

His vehicle was later discovered in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, a location nearly 300 miles from Rochester. This find redirected the search efforts to the area around Mount Minsi, accessible from the Appalachian Trail.

A Family's Relief and Gratitude

Upon learning that authorities were actively searching for him, Grant walked into a police station in Palmerton, PA. He immediately contacted his mother, signaling the end of the intensive search.

Matthew Grant expressed his gratitude for the support and efforts in finding him. In a heartfelt statement, he acknowledged the overwhelming assistance he received during this difficult time.

Sandra Johnson, RIT's Senior VP of Student Affairs, conveyed the news of Grant's safety. She highlighted the collective sigh of relief and gratitude from the RIT community and Grant's family. Their social media posts echoed this sentiment, extending thanks to everyone involved in the search.

Coordinated Efforts Lead to Reunion

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office played a pivotal role in the search for Grant. Their efforts were instrumental in his safe return. The Office coordinated with multiple agencies, utilizing advanced technology and relentless investigative work.

US Park Rangers also contributed significantly, facilitating the reunion between Grant and his family. Their involvement underscored the extensive nature of the search, involving various agencies and spanning multiple states.

Matthew Grant's family had initially suspected he might have gone to the Adirondack Mountains based on his phone history. This assumption guided early search efforts. However, Grant's eventual location in Pennsylvania came as a surprise.

The Mystery Behind the Disappearance

Before his disappearance, Grant had told his roommates he was meeting friends. His departure appeared routine, making his subsequent vanishing all the more puzzling.

The days following his disappearance were filled with uncertainty and concern. His family and friends grappled with numerous unanswered questions, wondering about his whereabouts and well-being.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office released a statement acknowledging the dedication and hard work of all involved in the search. They praised the deputies and investigators for their tenacity and coordination.

The Journey Ends Safely

The search for Matthew Grant spanned from November 20 to December 13. It involved thorough investigations, the examination of leads, and the use of modern technology.

When Grant's vehicle was located in Pennsylvania, it marked a significant turning point in the search. This discovery narrowed the focus of the search efforts and ultimately led to his safe return.

Matthew Grant's statement captured the essence of the collective relief and joy at his safe return. He said:

"I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that helped in the search process. I feel incredibly grateful to have people like you all in my corner."


As the news of Grant's safety spread, relief and joy were evident among his family, friends, and the broader RIT community. This event serves as a reminder of the importance of community and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

  • Matthew Grant, a 22-year-old RIT student, went missing on November 20 and was found on December 13.
  • He was found in Pennsylvania after his vehicle was located near the Appalachian Trail.
  • Grant walked into a police station, leading to his reunion with family.
  • Authorities and family thanked everyone involved in the extensive search.

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