Cohen Warns of Dire Outcomes If Trump Wins Next U.S. Presidential Election

 June 9, 2024

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney to Donald Trump, recently made a stark prediction about the future of U.S. politics on MSNBC’s “Velshi.”

According to Breitbart, Michael Cohen likened the consequences of a potential Donald Trump re-election to the oppressive political practices found in authoritarian regimes like Russia. Even going as far as to hint at an assassination.

On the show, Cohen articulated his fears regarding the return of Trump to power. He suggested that such an event would lead to a catastrophic suppression of free speech and political dissent reminiscent of Russian authoritarian actions.

Cohen argued that re-electing Trump could transform the U.S. political landscape into one where governmental control over media and free speech could become the norm. This, he claimed, would demolish the current democratic frameworks that support open dialogue and critique.

Dissent Could Be Silenced Under a Trump Presidency

"If the former president wins the election, 'people will start flying out of windows' or end up in prisons like in Russia," Cohen stated. This severe prediction underscores his belief that a Trump administration could seriously erode the foundations of American democracy and freedom.

Moreover, Cohen criticized several Republican leaders who have rallied behind Trump despite previous criticisms. He named figures such, as Marco Rubio, Mike Johnson, and Mark Meadows, accusing them of seeking personal gain over the public good.

"These politicians think aligning with Trump could yield unlimited power and resources, but they are wrong," Cohen explained. He dismissed the idea that Trump would share power, emphasizing that the former president prioritizes self-interest above all else.

The Illusion of Power Among Republican Leaders

During his appearance, Cohen elaborated on the misguided motivations of these politicians. "All of these people... have all said disparaging things about Donald Trump at one point in time. They believe that if Donald Trump wins and they are shoulder to shoulder with him, that they will have unlimited power which would of course give them the ability to have unlimited resources and assets."

Cohen asserted that Trump’s approach to leadership and power is singular and exclusionary, not even extending to his immediate family. According to Cohen, this self-centeredness could lead to dangerous outcomes for those who believe they are allies of Trump.

This echoes the cultural and political repression seen under authoritarian regimes, where dissent and political rivalry are met with severe retribution. Cohen’s concerns highlight the potential for a shift towards such governance in the U.S. should Trump retake the presidency.


Cohen, himself a controversial figure due to past legal troubles and his fallout with Trump, still seeks to inform the public about the risks of a Trump administration. His insights are informed by his intimate understanding of Trump's methods and personality, gained through years of close professional association.

Once a staunch supporter and enforcer of Trump, Cohen’s current stance as a critic highlights his personal and ideological transformation following his legal confrontations and subsequent disavowal by Trump.

Michael Cohen paints a grim picture of the future if Donald Trump should once again hold the highest office in the land. His warnings suggest drastic measures against freedom of speech and a move towards autocratic governance. Cohen urges the public and politicians alike to consider the broader implications of a Trump re-election, which he believes could fundamentally alter the landscape of American democracy and freedom.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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