CNN Analyst Concerned About Biden’s Previous Mistake

 December 23, 2023

Recent comments from CNN analyst Errol Louis have sparked a debate about the direction of President Biden's re-election campaign.

Errol Louis, a seasoned political analyst, advised President Biden to shift the focus of his re-election campaign away from his economic policies, citing voter dissatisfaction and suggesting a strategy centered on defending democracy.

Errol Louis expressed these views on CNN's morning show, emphasizing the challenges President Biden faces in persuading voters with his economic achievements, known colloquially as "Bidenomics."

Shifting Campaign Strategies

According to Louis, the current sentiment among voters towards the economy is less than favorable. This sentiment is reflected in recent polls, which indicate a general dissatisfaction among Americans, including Democrats, with Biden's handling of economic matters.

A New York Times/Siena College poll specifically highlights this dissatisfaction. The survey found that over 60% of voters in key battleground states view the economy unfavorably, a significant concern for Biden's campaign team.

Louis warns that if the public's perception of the economy does not improve soon, Biden's chances for re-election could be severely hampered.

Democracy at the Forefront

In his commentary, Louis suggested that Biden should pivot his campaign to focus on defending democracy, particularly against threats like those posed by former President Trump. This approach, Louis argues, could resonate more with voters than the current economic narrative.

Indeed, this strategy of positioning himself as a defender of democratic values proved successful for Biden in the 2020 election. Louis's advice is grounded in the belief that revisiting this theme could yield similar results in the upcoming election.

Further supporting this shift in strategy, Biden recently seemed to endorse a court ruling that barred Trump from appearing on Colorado's primary ballot, a move that aligns with the defense of democratic principles.

Public Perception and Political Strategy

Louis's comments reflect a broader discussion about the importance of public perception in political campaigns. He emphasized that regardless of actual economic improvements, the voters' perception is the crucial factor that can make or break an election.

"Sure, the economy might be getting better, but if voters don’t perceive it in time, then he’ll lose," said Errol Louis, highlighting the gap between reality and perception in politics.

This statement underlines the challenge facing Biden's campaign: convincing voters that his policies are effective, especially in a climate where economic dissatisfaction is prevalent.

Biden's Economic Challenges

Biden's economic policies, collectively termed "Bidenomics," have been a central theme of his presidency and re-election campaign. However, the persistent issues of inflation and economic discontent among the populace have made this a challenging sell.

The dissatisfaction is not just among the general electorate but also within his own party. Recent polls indicate that a significant portion of Democrats disapprove of Biden's handling of the economy, adding to the pressure on his campaign to reconsider its strategy.

With these factors in mind, Louis's advice might not just be a strategic shift but a necessary pivot to maintain political viability in the upcoming election.

Lessons from the Past

Looking back at the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden's emphasis on defending democracy, particularly against the actions and rhetoric of Trump, was a significant factor in his victory. Louis's advice seems to draw heavily from this successful strategy.

By revisiting this theme, Biden could potentially reconnect with voters who supported him for his stance on democratic values rather than his economic policies.

This strategy also aligns with recent developments, such as Biden's support for the Colorado Supreme Court decision regarding Trump, reinforcing his image as a defender of democratic norms.


  • Errol Louis, a CNN analyst, advises President Biden to shift his campaign focus away from "Bidenomics" due to voter dissatisfaction with the economy.
  • Louis suggests emphasizing the defense of democracy against threats like former President Trump, a strategy that worked in 2020.
  • Recent polls, including a New York Times/Siena College survey, show a majority of battleground state voters view the economy unfavorably.
  • Biden's acceptance of the court ruling barring Trump from Colorado's primary ballot aligns with this proposed strategy.
  • The challenge for Biden's campaign lies in bridging the gap between the actual state of the economy and voters' perceptions.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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