Clinton Found Guilty Of War Crimes In Hilarious New Deck Of Cards

By Victor Winston, updated on February 17, 2024

A unique deck of playing cards has sparked significant discussion across political and social spectrums.

A group of peace activists have created playing cards that label certain US politicians and Israeli officials as "war criminals" due to their support of Israel's actions in Gaza, making waves online and quickly selling out.

A Viral Critique Through Playing Cards

Designed by activists deeply concerned about the ongoing conflict in Gaza, these cards are a novel approach to protest. They not only aim to highlight the perceived complicity of prominent figures in what they view as unjust actions but also seek to provoke introspection on US foreign policy and its implications. The design of the cards takes inspiration from the "Most Wanted" deck issued by the US military during the Iraq War, drawing a stark parallel between past and current conflicts.

Among the Democrats featured are high-profile names such as President Joe Biden, marked as the Ace of Spades, and former officials like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who are given unique positions within the deck. Clinton is the Three of Hearts, while Obama, alongside Senator Bernie Sanders, is designated as a Joker, symbolizing their perceived betrayals of Palestinian trust and hope.

Ashish Prashar, a former advisor to British governmental figures and an activist involved in this initiative, explained the rationale behind the exclusive focus on Democrats. He argued that current Republican figures do not hold significant power over foreign policy decisions, thus directing the critique toward those in immediate control.

International Figures and Proceeds for Peace

More than 10,000 sets of these cards have been sold since they were made available on January 25. The deck's popularity reflects a growing global concern over the situation in Gaza and the role international politics plays in it. Astonishingly, the demand has led to the cards selling out, with more expected to ship in March.

Israeli leaders are also depicted, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dubbed the Ace of Diamonds, signaling the cross-national critique embodied in the deck. This expansion beyond American figures underscores the global dimensions of the issues at hand.

Ashish Prashar shared deeper insights into the choice of card rankings and the messages they intend to convey:

The background on the Obama and Bernie cards — why they’re Jokers — is that they were Palestine’s biggest allies and they let them down. Vice President Kamala Harris only rates as the Five of Spades because she has less power on day-to-day decisions. It’s based on casino treatment of the suits.

Artful Activism and Its Impact

The sale of these playing cards supports a children's medical fund in Gaza. This combines activism with humanitarian aid. It adds complexity by linking political statements and helping conflict victims.

Supporters and critics heatedly debate the cards' appropriateness and impact. But the creators clearly aim to spark conversation and challenge narratives about the Gaza conflict. The cards critique who holds power in foreign policy.

Featuring only Democrats like Biden, Blinken, and Austin speaks to this nuanced critique. Kamala Harris, as the Five of Spades, embodies her perceived role in foreign policy decisions about Gaza.

The cards provocatively examine politics, activism, and Gaza's strife through art and symbolism. They call to rethink, discuss, and potentially reshape political support and alliances amid global conflicts.


The creation and rapid distribution of a deck of playing cards by peace activists has ignited discussions on the ethics of political support for Israel's actions in Gaza. Featuring US and Israeli officials as "war criminals," the initiative emphasizes the role of Democrats in foreign policy while directing proceeds to assist medical efforts for children in Gaza. Through this unique form of protest, the activists aim to spark dialogue, challenge perceptions, and contribute to humanitarian efforts, illustrating the complex interplay of politics, activism, and aid.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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