Clinton Faces Backlash For Promoting New Merch Post-Trump Verdict

 June 2, 2024

Hillary Clinton has stirred controversy by releasing new merchandise themed "She was Right" shortly after Donald Trump's conviction in a high-profile trial.

According to Daily Wire, Hillary Clinton capitalized on the recent conviction of Donald Trump by launching themed merchandise, sparking debates on its appropriateness.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the new addition to her merchandise line—a coffee mug inscribed with “Turns out she was right about everything”—on her Instagram. This product release coincided with the news of Donald Trump's guilty verdict in the hush-money trial, where he was found liable on all 34 counts.

Clinton's merchandise is linked with her political organization, Onward Together, which promotes democratic values and initiatives. Through her post, she noted, "We recently had some new merch made based on a phrase I hear a lot."

Merchandise Launch Timing Draws Criticism

However, not everyone received Clinton's promotional tactic positively. Several followers expressed their discontent, arguing that the timing was insensitive or opportunistic.

Here is Hillary Clinton explaining the intent behind the merchandise, "We recently had some new merch made based on a trajectory I often recognize from others. With your purchase, you’ll support Onward Together groups defending democracy … and get a pretty great mug to sip tea from. Link to purchase in my profile."

Critiques on social media were harsh and varied, ranging from accusations of hypocrisy to direct attacks on her past political decisions. One user commented, "You should be in jail," echoing a sentiment popular among her critics.

Social Media Users Challenge Clinton's Claims

Others pointed to specific incidents, such as Clinton’s alleged inaction regarding Jeffrey Epstein and her role in the Libya conflict, to dispute her claim of being "right" about everything. "Why didn’t you warn your husband Bubba Clinton about spending time with Jeffrey Epstein, if you were right about everything?" one comment read. Another stated, "Turns out we were wrong about everything we believed you stood for. Warmonger. Genocidist! If I donated a penny, I would be owed change."

Clinton’s post and the subsequent backlash highlight the polarized reactions that she continues to provoke, reflecting the deep divisions within American political discourse.

Despite the array of negative responses, Clinton's merchandise has its defenders, particularly among those who view her as a bulwark against what they perceive as threats to democratic principles in the U.S. They argue that the merchandise is a bold reminder of Clinton's foresight on many issues.


The discourse surrounding the new merchandise underscores an ongoing struggle over political narratives and the appropriation of recent historical events for promotional purposes. It also raises questions about the intersections of commerce, personality, and politics in modern America.

Hillary Clinton's decision to sell "She was Right" merchandise following Donald Trump's conviction has generated both support and criticism, highlighting her contentious position in American public life. The debate continues over whether this move was a powerful statement or a controversial exploitation of a judicial moment.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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