Clinton Charged With Felony In Hilarious Deck Of Cards

By Victor Winston, updated on February 18, 2024

A new provocative deck of playing cards has sparked considerable conversation worldwide. A deck of playing cards branding US politicians as "war criminals" for their support of Israel's offensive in Gaza, designed by peace activists, has sold out, highlighting a unique form of protest. It labels Hillary Clinton as a war criminal, handing down felony charges for the former first lady.

The deck of cards casts a spotlight on various Democrats, singling them out with the label of "war criminals" for their stance on the conflict in Gaza. It's a bold move, enveloping figures like President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and Senator Bernie Sanders. These playing cards, reminiscent of the "Most Wanted" packs issued during the Iraq War, not only serve as a political statement but also as a fundraising tool, with proceeds aimed at supporting a children's medical fund in Gaza.

Playing Cards Depict Politicians as War Criminals

The designers have chosen to attribute specific card ranks to these political figures, with Hillary Clinton as the Three of Hearts and both Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama as Jokers. This classification is meant to symbolize what the creators perceive as their failures and betrayals regarding Palestine. Meanwhile, Israeli officials aren't exempt from criticism, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu depicted as the Ace of Diamonds, further intensifying the deck's provocative nature.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also find their likenesses in the deck as the King and Queen of Spades, respectively. Vice President Kamala Harris is represented as the Five of Spades, denoting her lesser influence on daily decisions. This unique approach to categorizing political influence through a card game offers a novel, albeit contentious, lens on international politics.

The creators’ decision to focus solely on Democratic figures stems from their current prominence in foreign policy decisions. The absence of Republican figures is justified by their reduced power in shaping these policies at the moment.

Deck Sales Surge, Raising Funds for Gaza

The deck, with a sale price of $35, quickly gained traction after its release on Jan. 25. The overwhelming response led to more than 10,000 units sold, momentarily depleting stock and highlighting widespread interest in this form of protest and solidarity. The next batch of decks is eagerly awaited, with a shipping date set in March, promising to continue the momentum of this unique fundraising effort, NY Post reported.

Proceeds from this viral sensation are directed towards a noble cause, focusing on the health and well-being of children in Gaza. It's a testament to the creativity of activists in blending political commentary with philanthropy, using a deck of cards as their medium of expression.

A representative explained, "Hillary has been deployed to talk on behalf of the administration.” They elaborated on the selection of Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama as Jokers, noting, “The background on the Obama and Bernie cards is that they were Palestine’s biggest allies and they let them down.”

Creative Expression Fuels Political Debate

The deck's design, likened to casino treatments of the suits, encapsulates not only a critique of political figures but also offers an insight into the creators’ intricate thought process. The aim is not just to provoke but to inform and galvanize support for a cause often overshadowed by geopolitical maneuvering.

This daring initiative has not gone unnoticed, sparking deep discussions across the political spectrum. It challenges the public to introspect on the roles and decisions of political figures in international conflicts, thereby fostering a broader dialogue on accountability and justice.


The viral deck of playing cards has accomplished more than merely selling out. It has succeeded in weaving together political critique, artistic expression, and humanitarian support into a cohesive narrative.

By targeting high-profile Democrats as symbols of failed promises and actions regarding Gaza, the creators have ignited a contentious but necessary conversation on global politics and human rights.

The funds raised for the children's medical fund in Gaza underscore the ultimate goal of this endeavor: to aid those most afflicted by the consequences of these political decisions. In recapping this story, it's clear the deck is much more than a simple game—it's a potent symbol of protest and hope.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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