Clinton Advised Biden to Appear on Howard Stern's Show

 May 3, 2024

President Biden's recent interview on Howard Stern's show revealed surprising insights into the planning behind the event.

Fox News reported that Hillary Clinton's team encouraged Biden to appear on the show, viewing it as a valuable platform for his presidential campaign.

Biden's Interview With Howard Stern Planned for Four Years

Howard Stern's executive producer, Gary Dell'Abate, stated that the interview had been in the works for several years. Dell'Abate mentioned that Clinton's team was instrumental in encouraging Biden to consider appearing on Stern's show.

The interview itself focused more on Biden's personal life than policy issues, consistent with Stern's belief in showcasing the humanity of his guests.

Stern's Sirius XM show featured Biden in an unannounced appearance, where the conversation included topics like Biden's family life and early political career. Stern had previously attempted to book Clinton during her 2016 presidential campaign, but she declined the opportunity.

Stern's Show Known for Humanizing Guests

In 2019, Clinton appeared on Stern's show, fueling speculation about a potential 2020 run. Stern believes his show helps audiences connect with the humanity of people they may have previously disliked, and his approach aligns with Biden's preference for lighter interviews.

The interview came amidst criticism that Biden avoids serious interviews with mainstream media outlets. The New York Times was vocal about Biden's lack of press conferences and interviews with independent journalists.

Biden's Interview Stands Out Amid Criticism

Biden's decision to appear on Stern's show rather than conduct more serious interviews attracted significant attention. Stern expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to interview Biden, highlighting the natural flow of their conversation.

Dell'Abate, speaking about Clinton's involvement, stated:

Believe me, there were a lot of people who were involved in helping this booking from people inferred on all that stuff — but you know who was super helpful on this? Really, really helpful. Hillary Clinton.

Biden Jokes About Interviews at Correspondents' Dinner

During the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Biden joked about his media interactions, highlighting Stern as a strong independent journalist. The White House declined to comment on the situation, and Clinton's representative did not respond to inquiries from Fox News Digital.

Biden's focus on lighter interviews rather than engaging with mainstream media outlets has been a topic of discussion. The New York Times' critical statement addressed Biden's avoidance of one-on-one interviews with reputable news outlets.


Howard Stern's interview with President Joe Biden revealed the behind-the-scenes planning, with Hillary Clinton's team encouraging Biden to participate. The interview highlighted Stern's focus on personal experiences and aligned with his belief in showcasing the humanity of his guests.

The event was notable against the backdrop of criticism that Biden avoids serious interviews with mainstream media. Stern, an advocate of humanizing his guests, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to interview Biden. The situation underscores the evolving relationship between political figures and the media.

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