Chrissy Teigen Claps Back Over Criticisms of Bathwater in Viral Video

 June 18, 2024

Chrissy Teigen recently found herself at the center of a social media storm.

Following a video shared by her husband, John Legend, which depicted her in apparently murky bathwater, Teigen explained that the discoloration was due to washing off body makeup—not dirt, Page Six reported.

The video, posted by Grammy-winning artist John Legend, unintentionally ignited a flurry of negative reactions from viewers. It captured a relaxed moment of Teigen in the bathtub, but viewers fixated on the water's brown hue. Teigen swiftly clarified that the coloration was from body makeup she had been wearing, a detail many overlooked.

The incident happened during a high-profile period for the couple, as they attended the Cannes Lions Festival in France. While there, Teigen participated in a panel discussion, and Legend was featured in a Spotify event, further highlighting their active roles in the entertainment and advertising industries.

The Social Media Backlash and Defense

Comments on the video ranged from confusion to outright disgust. One user bluntly stated, “That dirty ass water wtf,” while another commented, “IDGAF if it is makeup. It looks dirty.” The critical voices grew louder with another adding, “It’s not too late to take this cringe down.” Teigen, known for her candid presence online, addressed the misinterpretations directly.

"The water is dirty because I’m getting my body's makeup off, as I said in the video, my sweet angels!” Teigen's response shed light on what was happening behind the scenes. She aimed to clarify the misunderstanding that arose from the video's visual impact versus its actual context.

Critics continued to voice their dismay, with remarks such as, “Damn she needs to let that dirty water drain before posting on social media,” and “Too much dirt for just one body, not showering enough I believe.” The tone of the commentary illustrated a rapid judgment often seen on social platforms.

Public Reaction and Support

Despite the backlash, several of Teigen's supporters came forward to reiterate her explanation. One supporter pushed back against critics, saying, “She says she’s getting her body makeup off. That’s makeup. Not dirt.” This defense highlighted a common issue in a social media culture where videos and images are often taken out of context.

Another comment from a supporter emphasized, "Once again this proves society and people great and comment without full context." This sentiment was echoed by others who criticized the snap judgments formed by viewers who might not have listened carefully to Teigen’s explanation within the video itself.

The reactions varied widely, with some users urging compassion and understanding, noting, “Wow people don’t read or listen to do that.” and “Ppl r so judgy leave her alone.” These comments reflect a divide between quick-to-judge viewers and those calling for more thoughtful interactions online.

This incident did not solely define Chrissy Teigen’s experience at Cannes. She described the event as exhilarating, saying during a lively party, “Cannes Lions is f–king lit lmao.” This statement suggests that Teigen enjoyed her time at the festival despite the online turmoil.

In closing, the episode serves as a reminder of how quickly misunderstandings can spread online, especially when elements are taken out of context. Chrissy Teigen’s clarification about the condition of her bathwater underscores the importance of context and full understanding in our reactions to what we see on social media. The support from some followers shows a recognition of this need, although the incident certainly sparked a spectrum of reactions from the public.

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