Chris Young Charges Dismissed Days After Nashville Arrest

 January 28, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, 38-year-old country music star Chris Young found himself at the center of a legal controversy this week in Nashville. Young was arrested on charges including assaulting an officer and disorderly conduct.

All charges against Young were dismissed on Friday following a critical review of video evidence that contradicted the arresting officers' claims.

The incident that led to Young's arrest occurred at the DawgHouse Saloon in Nashville. According to initial reports, Young and his friends allegedly followed Alcohol Beverage Control agents from another bar, Tin Roof, to the DawgHouse. There, the situation escalated, leading to Young's arrest.

Discrepancies in Arresting Officers' Claims and Video Evidence

Surveillance footage from the DawgHouse Saloon played a pivotal role in the unfolding of events. This video evidence appeared to contradict the officer's affidavit, which claimed Young blocked an officer from leaving the bar and struck him.

The Nashville District Attorney's office, led by Glenn Funk, considered this when reviewing the case, Fox News reported.

Chris Young's attorney, Bill Ramsey, aggressively advocated for the dismissal of charges. He emphasized the importance of the video evidence, which he believed showed that Young should not have been arrested.

Statements from Legal Representatives and Authorities

Regarding the outcome of the case, Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk stated, "Regarding the Chris Young incident — After a review of all the evidence in this case, the Office of the District Attorney has determined that these charges will be dismissed."

Bill Ramsey expressed his and Young's gratitude towards the DA's decision, highlighting the relief and vindication they felt following the dismissal of the charges.

The Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission also responded to the decision, respecting General Funk's judgment and reiterating the importance of safety for law enforcement and first responders.

The Unfolding of Events Leading to Young's Arrest

The incident began on a Monday night when ABC agents were conducting a compliance check at Tin Roof Bar. Young and his friends were alleged to have followed the agents from there to the DawgHouse Saloon.

The affidavit claimed that Young's actions escalated to the point where he blocked and struck an officer.

Young's attorney responded swiftly, calling for the charges to be dropped as early as Wednesday, citing the video evidence. By Friday evening, the Nashville District Attorney announced the dismissal of all charges against Young, bringing a swift conclusion to this legal episode.

Legal and Public Implications of the Case

This case highlights the complexities and challenges in legal proceedings involving high-profile individuals.

The swift turn of events from arrest to dismissal underscores the importance of video evidence in modern legal cases. It also raises questions about the initial arrest and the allegations made by the officers.

For Chris Young, a prominent figure in the country music scene, the incident was a significant personal and professional challenge. The public nature of the case and the initial allegations posed a risk to his reputation and career.


The dismissal of charges brings a sense of closure and vindication for Young and his legal team.

The arrest and dismissal of charges against the country music star unfolded rapidly. It was driven by a discrepancy between the arresting officers' account and video evidence from the scene.

Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk's decision to dismiss the charges, was supported by statements from Young's attorney Bill Ramsey. This brings a conclusion to a case that highlights the impact of video evidence in contemporary legal proceedings.

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