Charles Barkley Rips Biden And Democrats For Not Caring

 March 8, 2024

Charles Barkley, the co-host of CNN's "King Charles," has stirred the pot with his recent comments.

According to Mediate, Barkley has accused President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party of taking Black voters for granted, attributing this attitude to a steady decrease in support from Black communities.

During a conversation aimed at deciphering the appeal of former President Donald Trump among some Black voters, Barkley didn't hold back. He asserted that the Democratic Party's interest in Black communities peaks every four years, around election time. This, according to Barkley, has led to frustration among Black voters who feel neglected and taken for granted after elections are over.

Charles Barkley's dissatisfaction stems from a history of unfulfilled promises made to Black and impoverished communities. He confessed that his past support for the Democrats was driven by a belief in these promises, which is now waning.

Barkley disclosed that he once voted Republican, casting his ballot for John Kasich, knowing full well Kasich stood little chance of winning. This action underscores his growing disillusionment with the Democratic Party's commitment to its promises.

Barkley and Van Jones Discuss Black Voters' Disappointment

CNN senior political commentator Van Jones weighed in on the conversation. Although he agreed with Barkley's assessment, Jones raised a broader issue. He pointed out that the problem of unfulfilled political promises extends beyond racial lines, affecting poor Americans across the board. Both Black communities and poor White communities have remained loyal to their respective parties without seeing the promised improvements in their lives.

Barkley, who had made controversial comments about punching Black Trump supporters in the past, clarified his position. He emphasized that his comments were not meant to be taken literally. He respects everyone's right to vote according to their choice, highlighting the importance of understanding and tolerance in political discourse.

"I would only punch them in the face if they had Trump sneakers on, too," Barkley joked, softening the previous controversy with humor. This quip illustrates Barkley's use of humor to navigate and diffuse tense political debates.

Discussion on Democrats' Failed Promises to Black Communities

Barkley's critique is rooted in a sense of betrayal Black communities feel over unkept promises.

The reason I think the Democratic Party and Mr. Biden, President Biden, is losing Black votes is they only care about Black people every four years. They come into our neighborhoods and say, ‘We’re going to make stuff better...' I don’t know man, other than my ability to dunk a basketball, all my neighbors’ hoods are still the same, our schools are still the same,' and that’s why I think Black people are leaving disappointed the Democratic Party because I ain’t gonna lie, I voted Democratic every time just 'cause I thought it was gonna help Black people and poor people, 'cause Black people and poor White people, they’re in the same boat.

The discussion on CNN's "King Charles" has brought to light an issue not confined to any one party. Van Jones's contribution to the conversation expands the critique, suggesting that the problem of unmet political promises and the consequent disillusionment of voters is a widespread issue across the American political spectrum.

In conclusion, Charles Barkley's criticism of the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden reflects a broader concern among Black voters. Barkley's journey from hopeful support to disillusionment encapsulates the feelings of many who feel neglected post-election. While humor is used to soften the delivery, the underlying message is a desperate need for tangible change and fulfillment of promises to Black and poor communities.

Both parties are called to account for their longstanding failure to make substantial progress for these communities, underlining the need for a new approach to politics that prioritizes people over cyclical electoral interests.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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