CBS News CEO Fined For Paying Police Informant Over Sexual Assault Case

By Victor Winston, updated on February 18, 2024

In a stunning revelation, ethical boundaries within the Los Angeles Police Department were breached.

The Los Angeles City Ethics Commission uncovered that retired LAPD Captain Corey Palka leaked confidential details of a sexual assault investigation to former CBS CEO Leslie Moonves, demonstrating an unsettling blend of loyalty over duty.

During a meet-up in 2017 at a quaint Westlake Village restaurant, retired Captain Corey Palka and Leslie Moonves discussed sensitive information about the ongoing investigation involving Moonves himself. Their conversation, rooted in confidentiality and trust, strayed far from the official channels of the Los Angeles Police Department. This interaction draped a cloak of camaraderie over matters of grave concern, signaling a profound conflict of interest.

Palka's outright pledge of allegiance to Moonves, disclosed later by the Ethics Commission, casts a somber shadow over the integrity of law enforcement's role in handling allegations of utmost severity. The Commission's findings highlight a grievous misuse of power, corroding the public's trust in those appointed to safeguard their rights and ensure justice.

A Pledged Allegiance Amidst Serious Allegations

The gravity of these clandestine meetings between Palka and Moonves and the information exchanged cannot be understated. Their rendezvous occurred months before the sexual assault allegations against Moonves burst into the public sphere, marking a deliberate attempt to sidestep the ramifications of such serious accusations. The Ethics Commission's investigation into these actions underlines a significant breach of ethical responsibilities.

This breach forms a part of a much larger narrative involving Leslie Moonves, his abrupt departure from CBS in 2018, and the $30.5 million settlement he and CBS paid in 2022. These consequences stem from allegations of sexual abuse leveled against Moonves by at least a dozen women, dating back to 1986 with television executive Phyllis Gottlieb's harrowing accusation. The myriad of accusations paints a disturbing picture of forced sexual acts and professional retaliation, shaking the foundations of trust and safety.

Before the commission's findings were released, Palka expressed his regret to NBC 4, revealing a complex mix of apology and unwavering support for Moonves. His words resonate with a striking blend of sorrow and loyalty, stirring a mix of emotions in the public discourse.

The Ethical Quandary and Public Trust

Moonves has consistently denied the allegations against him, maintaining his innocence amidst a torrent of accusations. This denial threads through the narrative of Moonves's fall from grace, juxtaposed against the serious nature of the claims and the notable financial repercussions that followed. The saga encapsulates a tumultuous period for CBS, Moonves, and now Palka, whose actions have deeply implicated him in the scandal.

In their meeting, Corey Palka and Leslie Moonves blurred the lines between personal loyalty and professional duty. The documents revealed by the commission describe a deliberate exchange of confidential information outside the purview of the ongoing LAPD investigation. This act of defiance against ethical norms signifies a troubling disregard for the principles of justice and accountability.

The ramifications of such actions are profound, eroding public confidence in the institutions meant to protect and serve. The narrative around the $30.5 million penalty against CBS and Moonves also raises questions about the consequences of insider trading and concealing allegations, underscoring the broader implications of these ethical breaches on corporate and individual accountability.


The actions of retired LAPD Captain Corey Palka, the downfall of Leslie Moonves, and the findings of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission highlight the thin boundary between loyalty and ethical duty. As we process the aftermath, this situation clearly impacts our understanding of justice, ethical leadership, and the critical importance of adhering to societal norms.

The unfolding story sheds light on the issues of power misuse, the mishandling of confidential information, and the loyalty demonstrated by Palka, providing insight into the challenges of ethical boundaries and the importance of preserving them. This case not only highlights the wrongdoings of the individuals involved but also acts as a warning about the importance of trust and the foundations of justice.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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