Cardinal And Former Chief Of Staff Convicted By Vatican Court

By Victor Winston, updated on December 16, 2023

In a significant ruling by the Vatican court, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, a former high-ranking official in the Roman Catholic Church, has been convicted of embezzlement and abuse of office.

Cardinal Becciu, aged 75, faced serious charges related to a property deal in London, leading to a prison sentence of five and a half years and a fine of approximately $8,700, along with a permanent ban from holding public office.

The case against Cardinal Becciu centered on a luxury property development deal in London involving a former warehouse of the renowned Harrods department store. The Cardinal and several associates were accused of misappropriating Vatican funds, amounting to tens of millions of euros, for the development of this property. The trial, spanning over two and a half years with 86 court sessions, culminated in a verdict that sent a strong message about the Vatican's stance on financial improprieties.

Exposing Financial Malpractices in the Church

The investigation into Cardinal Becciu's activities began in November 2019 following suspicions of financial irregularities. The trial, which started in July 2021, involved ten individuals, including Becciu, and highlighted the complexities and challenges of managing the Vatican's vast financial resources. This case is particularly significant as it involves a Cardinal, a rank seldom subject to such scrutiny and legal action within the Church's judicial system.

Throughout the trial, prosecutors presented a detailed account of the financial misdeeds, highlighting the misuse of Church funds in the London property deal. They accused Cardinal Becciu and his co-defendants of orchestrating a scheme to cheat the Vatican out of substantial sums, with one particular focus being an allegation of extortion involving 15 million euros for control over the London property.

In addition to the primary charges related to the property deal, Cardinal Becciu was also accused of channeling Vatican funds to a charity operated by his brother. This aspect of the case underscored the personal benefit and familial connections that played a part in the broader narrative of financial misconduct.

Implications for the Vatican's Governance

The conviction of Cardinal Becciu and his associates represents a pivotal moment in the Vatican's ongoing efforts to reform its financial management and governance structures. The case has brought to light the challenges and vulnerabilities of the Vatican in handling its financial affairs, especially regarding investments and property developments outside of Italy.

The trial's outcomes also signify a shift in the Vatican's approach to dealing with allegations of corruption and financial mismanagement. The sentencing of Becciu and his co-defendants, including notable figures like Fabrizio Tirabassi, Enrico Crasso, Gianluigi Torzi, Raffaele Mincione, and Cecilia Marogna, indicates a newfound willingness to hold high-ranking officials accountable for their actions.

The severity of the sentences, with Torzi receiving a six-year term and Mincione five and a half years, reflects the gravity with which the Vatican court viewed the offenses. This is further emphasized by the court's decision to order the confiscation of over $180 million and demand damages exceeding $200 million, a substantial financial repercussion for the convicted parties.

Appeal and Ongoing Legal Battles

The legal battle, however, is far from over. Becciu's attorney, Fabio Viglione, has confirmed their intent to appeal the ruling. This move suggests that the case, already lengthy and complex, may continue to evolve in the Vatican's legal system. The appeal process will likely delve further into the intricacies of the case and the evidence presented during the trial.

Prosecutors initially sought prison sentences ranging from three to 13 years and demanded damages exceeding 400 million euros. They also accused the cardinal of transferring 125,000 euros from the Vatican's government fund to a Sardinian charity run by his brother, as reported by CBS.

The defense's perspective, as articulated by Becciu's legal team, indicates a continued contestation of the charges and the verdict. The appeal, while not unexpected in high-profile cases such as this, adds another layer to a saga that has gripped the Vatican and the wider Catholic community.


  • Cardinal Angelo Becciu, 75, was convicted of embezzlement and abuse of office in a Vatican court.
  • Sentenced to 5.5 years in prison and fined $8,700, Becciu is permanently barred from public office.
  • Accusations involved a luxury London property development deal and misappropriation of Vatican funds.
  • Five others were also convicted; significant financial repercussions were imposed by the court.
  • Becciu's attorney announces plans to appeal the verdict, indicating ongoing legal proceedings.

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