Car Slams Into Texas Emergency Room Leaving 1 Dead And Multiple Injured

By Robert Cunningham, updated on February 14, 2024

Tragedy struck unexpectedly at a Texas medical facility.

A vehicle crashed into the emergency room of St. David's North Austin Medical Center, causing one fatality and multiple injuries.

Responding to the Chaos at St. David's North Austin Medical Center

Emergency services were dispatched to St. David's North Austin Medical Center after a vehicle breached the emergency room's barriers on Tuesday evening. The Austin Police Department, Austin-Travis County EMS, and the Austin Fire Department were on the scene by 5:38 p.m. CST to address the calamity. Initial tallies of the injured reached 11, though further assessment clarified that five individuals were hurt in the incident.

The driver of the vehicle was given CPR but, unfortunately, was declared dead at the scene.

Among the injured were an adult and a child, both listed in critical condition, who required immediate transport to nearby hospitals. Another patient, caught in the unfortunate event at St. David's, was admitted there following the crash.

Impact on Victims and Witness Accounts

In the wake of the crash, eight patients who were in the ER at the time were moved to different hospitals, a necessary measure to decompress the suddenly chaotic medical facility.

Stephen Hughes, present at the scene, believed initially that an explosion had occurred, a testament to the severity of the impact. His reaction underscores the sudden and violent nature of the event that unfolded before patients' and healthcare workers' eyes.

“At first I thought it was an explosion,” Hughes told CNN. “Then I heard screaming and saw the smoke coming from the ER entrance.”

A circulating video captured the immediate aftermath, revealing the car's engine still running with tires emitting smoke, a haunting reminder of the incident's abruptness and severity. Such imagery contributes to the collective shock experienced by the medical center and the community.

Authorities Address Public Concerns

While the investigation is ongoing, the Austin Police Department has stated they do not consider the tragic incident purposeful. "This incident does not appear to be an intentional act," they said, providing solace to a community ruffled by the day's events. The reassurance that there is no ongoing threat to public safety is crucial in the aftermath of such a distressing occurrence.

It is a relief to know that despite the severity of the crash, authorities are not treating it as a deliberate act. This incident, though tragic, stands as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of emergency services in our communities.


A vehicle crashed into St. David’s North Austin Medical Center's emergency room on Tuesday evening, prompting responses from the Austin Police Department, Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services, and the Austin Fire Department. Initial reports indicated 11 people were injured, but this was later revised to five.

Despite attempts to save the driver through CPR, the individual unfortunately passed away. Four of the victims, including an adult and a child in critical condition, were transported to other hospitals, while one was admitted to St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, where the incident occurred.

The Austin Police Department stated that the crash did not appear to be intentional and there was no threat to the general public. The investigation is ongoing, with APD officers assisting first responder partners. In the aftermath, eight other patients at the hospital were moved to different hospitals to alleviate the stress caused by the incident.

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