Car Plows Into Biden’s Motorcade

 December 18, 2023

A quiet evening in Wilmington was pierced by the sound of a collision involving the presidential motorcade.

A vehicle unexpectedly crashed into a Secret Service SUV that was part of President Biden's motorcade last Sunday night, sparking discussions about the protective detail's reaction speed.

As President Biden was departing from his campaign base in Wilmington, Delaware, the serenity of the night was disrupted when a sedan collided with a Secret Service vehicle stationed to secure his route. This unexpected event caused a momentary halt in the president's routine, with the First Lady already secure inside the armored SUV, both unharmed.

Immediate Aftermath and Secret Service Reaction

Caught on a journalist's video, the incident showcases Biden pausing and turning towards the crash, then swiftly being escorted into his vehicle by agents. The agents, with weapons drawn, quickly surrounded the offending sedan and demanded the driver to show his hands. This prompt action allowed the president's motorcade to leave the scene without further complications.

Despite the successful protection of the president and his wife, the episode was captured approximately 9 seconds into the journalist's video, igniting conversations on social media about the Secret Service's response time.

Journalist Max Lewis reported on the incident, stating:

"An SUV in President Biden's motorcade was hit by a vehicle as he was leaving his campaign headquarters in Delaware tonight. Secret service agents surrounded the car with guns drawn as Biden was ushered into his vehicle. You can hear the crash about 9 seconds in."

Public Scrutiny and Concerns

Recent events have brought the Secret Service under closer public scrutiny, with their actions being questioned regarding the deleted text messages from the January 6 Capitol attack and the overlooked threat to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Additionally, missed security threats, like a pipe bomb near the VP-elect's vicinity, have further fueled these concerns.

Following the collision, social media users expressed unease with the Secret Service's handling of the situation. One user criticized the agents for not placing themselves between the president and the potential threat, noting their lack of immediate protective action.

"They showed absolutely zero instinct to protect Biden. The moment that boom happened, they should have surrounded him tightly & gotten him moving."

Another social media user echoed this sentiment, suggesting the need to reevaluate the Secret Service's procedures, emphasizing that the president should have been secured in the vehicle instantaneously.

Investigation and Assessment Underway

Currently, the Secret Service, in collaboration with the Wilmington Police Department, is investigating the specifics of the incident. This inquiry aims not only to understand the circumstances of the crash but also to evaluate the response of the agents involved.

Journalist Victoria Brownworth captured the gravity of the situation in her report:

"An SUV in Biden's motorcade was hit as he was leaving his campaign HQs in DE. Biden freezes at the sound. Secret Service, guns out, surround the car, but it takes a long time. Not good."


The collision involving President Biden's motorcade brought significant discussion about the Secret Service's preparedness and reaction efficiency. The investigation is ongoing, and the outcome is anticipated to inform potential enhancements to presidential security protocols.

  • A sedan crashed into a Secret Service vehicle in President Biden's motorcade in Wilmington, Delaware.
  • President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were unharmed, but concerns have been raised over the Secret Service's response time.
  • The incident has brought to light recent challenges faced by the Secret Service, including issues from the January 6 events.
  • Public reaction has been critical, with calls for improved security measures and retraining of Secret Service agents.

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