Capitol Police Launch Investigation Into Roger Stone Audio

 January 17, 2024

Roger Stone is once again in the spotlight after a controversial audio recording surfaced.

Capitol Police Launch Investigation Into Roger Stone Audio

In an unexpected twist, the US Capitol Police have commenced an inquiry into political strategist Roger Stone following the release of an incriminating audio clip. Mediaite published the contentious 19-second recording, which they obtained from a source who was present during Stone's conversation at Caffe Europa in Fort Lauderdale.

Stone, known for his long-time support of former President Trump, is heard making statements about Congressmen Jerry Nadler and Eric Swalwell that have led to this investigation.

Stone's Denial and the Role of AI

Stone has passionately denied the authenticity of the recording. He has branded the allegations as "total nonsense" and an example of technological manipulation. Stone's defense hinges on the assertion that the recording is an AI deep fake, an increasingly common concern in the digital age.

In retaliation to the claims, Stone accused Mediaite and journalist Diana Falzone of deceit. He has gone as far as identifying the anonymous source of the recording as having a criminal history, calling into question the credibility of the evidence against him. Stone's vehement response indicates a strong conviction in his innocence and a belief in the potential misuse of AI technology.

Sal Greco, who was reportedly part of the conversation, has not denied his presence. Yet, he downplays the significance, suggesting the conversation is not of public interest.

Political Tension and Media Involvement

The incident has cast a light on the existing political tension between Trump supporters and critics. Congressman Swalwell has interpreted the threat as serious, drawing a direct line to the tactics he associates with Trump and his followers. Swalwell's comments reflect a broader concern about the political climate and the potential for violence.

Mediaite's involvement in releasing the recording has added fuel to the controversy. They have admitted to light editing of the audio, which has raised questions about the context and integrity of the clip. The role of media in such scenarios is to shed light on potential threats and uphold standards of journalistic ethics.

The ongoing investigations by Nadler and Swalwell into Trump's decision to commute Stone's sentence are a backdrop to this unfolding story. These investigations highlight the intricate connections between past and present political actions and their consequences.

FBI Joins Capitol Police in Inquiry

The Capitol Police and the FBI are jointly investigating the matter, highlighting the potential severity of the allegations. The involvement of both agencies emphasizes the importance of addressing threats against public officials.

This investigation is taking place against the backdrop of Stone's past legal issues. He was convicted of obstruction, witness tampering, and lying to Congress, but Trump later commuted his sentence. This background adds complexity to how the public views the current situation.

In response to the recording, Congressman Swalwell stated:

The Roger Stone assassination plot recording may seem like the ravings of a wannabe gangster. It’s not. This is what Trump and his real-life thugs do: they try to intimidate opponents and will always choose violence over voting. Because I’m one of Trump’s loudest critics, Stone put a hit out on me.


The Capitol Police's investigation into the Roger Stone audio recording reveals the tension-filled landscape of American politics. While Stone categorically denies the accusations, labeling them as fabrications and blaming AI manipulation, the authorities are taking the matter seriously.

Mediaite's role in disseminating the audio and the subsequent admission of editing has added a layer of controversy. The incident underscores the potential threats politicians face and raises questions about the impact of deepfake technology on public discourse.

The unfolding events are a stark reminder of the strained relations between political figures and the enduring repercussions of past actions.

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With years of experience at the forefront of political commentary, Robert Cunningham brings a blend of sharp wit and deep insight to his analysis of American principles at the Capitalism Institute.

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