California's Missing Homelessness Funds Raise Alarm

 April 13, 2024

California's recent state auditor report has unveiled a staggering lack of oversight.

According to Breitbart, the administration led by Governor Gavin Newsom is under scrutiny for the misplacement of $24 billion allocated for the homelessness crisis, with no clear signs of impact.

The Golden State has long been at the forefront of America's homelessness crisis, boasting the highest number of unsheltered individuals nationwide. Over the past five years, the state has seen a stark 32% increase in homelessness, particularly pronounced in Sacramento with a 67% rise. This scenario has unfolded despite California's significant financial commitment, as delineated by the California State Auditor's report released on April 9. The report criticizes the California Interagency Council on Homelessness (Cal ICH) for its inconsistent evaluation of homelessness prevention efforts since 2021 and points out discrepancies in financial accountability.

Grant Parks, the lead auditor, lamented the state's inefficacy, stating, "the state has not collected sufficient data" to validate the effectiveness of its significant spending on the homelessness crisis. This assertion casts a shadow over the state's strategic plans to combat homelessness and raises questions regarding the prudence of its allocations.

Calls for Transparency and Accountability Amplify

Critics, including California Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher, have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with Newsom's handling of the situation. Gallagher's concern is not isolated, as similar sentiments have been echoed across the political spectrum.

This dissatisfaction arises amidst reports that attempts were made to thwart an audit initially requested by Rep. Kevin Kiley in 2020. The audit, which eventually received approval in 2023 thanks to Assemblyman Josh Hoover's efforts, has shed light on the urgent need for a restructuring of the state's approach to homelessness.

James Gallagher expressed his frustration, stating, “This is standard Gavin Newsom – make a splashy announcement, waste a bunch of taxpayer money, and completely fail to deliver. ... We need results – period, full stop.”

A Divided Approach to Solving Homelessness

The call for a more cohesive strategy became evident as findings from the audit revealed a disjointed methodology in tracking and assessing the efficacy of expenditures aimed at mitigating homelessness. This "balkanized approach to data collection," as described by State Sen. Dave Cortese, suggests a systemic failure to establish a centralized system for tracking investments in homelessness prevention and resolution.

Dave Cortese pointed out, "There is a balkanized approach to data collection and outcomes, with no centralized system for tracking our investments. ... This audit underscores the urgent need to establish best practices and create a blueprint for how the State of California and our cities can address our most visible challenge.”

Concerns were not limited to state officials, as public figures like former MLB All-Star Steve Garvey have called into question the broader implications of California's homelessness crisis and its management. Garvey advocates for a federal audit to ensure transparency and accountability, demanding political courage to bring about necessary changes.


The audit's revelations have sparked a bipartisan consensus on the need for a comprehensive reassessment of California's strategy to tackle homelessness. The focus has notably shifted towards the necessity for accurate data, transparency in spending, and a unified state-wide approach to addressing this crisis. As homelessness continues to burgeon in several California locales, the findings of the state auditor are not merely a bureaucratic concern but a clarion call to action.

The $24 billion unaccounted for in California's fight against homelessness poses critical questions regarding the efficiency and direction of state policies.

With homelessness rates climbing, the need for a strategic realignment, bolstered by robust data collection and a transparent tracking system, has never been more urgent. The recent audit not only highlights the state's failures but also sets the stage for critical improvements in how California, and perhaps other states facing similar challenges, manage their resources to effectively combat homelessness.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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