California Election To Fill Vacancy Left By Previous House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

 March 20, 2024

In the political arena, the unexpected often becomes the norm.

CBS News projects a runoff in the special election for California's 20th congressional district, a critical juncture to fill the vacancy left by former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The announcement signals a heated race ahead, spotlighting Republican State Assemblymember Vince Fong, who carries the endorsements of high-profile figures, including McCarthy himself and former President Donald Trump. This support places Fong at the forefront of the race, although his opponent for the runoff remains undecided.

Runoff Election Sparks Interest and Uncertainty

The necessity of a runoff stems from the requirement that a candidate must secure over 50% of the vote to claim victory outright. Since no candidate achieved this majority, the top two contenders are set to face off on May 21.

The district, known for its solid conservative base, eagerly anticipates another Republican representative, yet the exact timeline for this political transition remains unclear. Vince Fong's advancement to the runoff, coupled with his notable endorsements, paints him as a strong contender to uphold the district's Republican legacy.

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux also enters the fray, challenging Fong for the coveted seat. The competition between Fong and Boudreaux underscores the vibrant democracy within the party, highlighting diverse perspectives and leadership styles vying for the opportunity to serve. The eventual winner will fulfill the responsibilities of the congressional seat until January 3, 2025, ensuring that the district's voice continues to resonate on the national stage.

The scheduling of the special election so soon after the primary has led to confusion among voters. This close timing, dictated by California Governor Gavin Newsom, underscores the complexities of managing electoral processes and ensuring voter engagement. As both Fong and Boudreaux prepare for the November ballot, the special election remains crucial in determining who will temporarily occupy McCarthy's former position.

The Legacy and Future of the 20th Congressional District

The departure of Kevin McCarthy from Congress marked a significant turning point for the 20th district. Announcing his intention to "serve America in new ways," McCarthy's exit came just two months after he made history as the first speaker to be ousted from the post. This backdrop of political upheaval sets the stage for the upcoming runoff, with candidates eager to step into the void left by McCarthy's departure and shape the district's future.

Fong's alignment with both McCarthy and Trump suggests a continuity of conservative values and policies within the district. His candidacy represents a personal ambition and a broader ideological commitment to uphold the principles that have historically defined the area's political landscape. The endorsement by such prominent figures indicates a belief in Fong's ability to carry forward this legacy.

A Critical Moment for California and Beyond

The 20th district is at a critical juncture as the May runoff approaches. The outcome will not only decide the district's immediate representation but also signal the prevailing political currents within the Republican Party and their impact on broader national politics. With its unique timing and high-profile endorsements, the special election encapsulates the challenges and opportunities inherent in the democratic process.

The race to fill Kevin McCarthy's vacancy has introduced a new dynamic into California's political scene. Vince Fong, backed by significant figures within the Republican Party, faces off in a runoff that highlights the importance of the 20th congressional district to the national political landscape.

The election, complicated by its proximity to the primary and the exit of a prominent political figure, underscores the ongoing evolution of political representation and the values that guide it.


The runoff for California's 20th congressional district represents a pivotal moment in the state's political narrative. With Vince Fong at the forefront, backed by notable endorsements, and the uncertainty of his opponent, the election is a testament to the vibrant democratic process. The eventual victor will serve a crucial term, continuing the legacy left by Kevin McCarthy. As the district and its constituents await the results, the significance of this election extends beyond its immediate outcome, reflecting on the broader dynamics of Republican representation and the evolving landscape of American politics.

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