Broadway Mourns The Loss Of Stage Manager Thomas J. Gates In Tragic Accident

 May 11, 2024

Tragedy struck the Broadway community this past week.

Thomas J. Gates, a cherished Broadway stage manager, was killed in a tragic incident involving a New Jersey Transit train.

The New York Post reported that Thomas J. Gates, aged 51, met with a fatal accident near South Orange Station on a bustling Wednesday morning.

At roughly 9:12 AM, while the morning commute was in full swing, Gates was struck by a train carrying 60 passengers and crew. There were no other reported injuries.

Gates was a cornerstone of the Broadway industry. His career, spanning over two decades, began in 2002 as an assistant stage manager for the production of "Hairspray."

By 2006, his expertise in managing stage productions had fully developed, leading him to assume the role of lead stage manager for "High Fidelity."

A Lifetime of Broadway Contributions

Apart from contributing to notable productions like “Waitress” in partnership with Sara Bareilles in 2021, Gates has recently worked on “Illinoise."

The musical had just come to Broadway two weeks before his untimely passing after a successful off-Broadway stint. The show even earned four Tony nominations soon after its Broadway debut.

The impact of Gates' death was immediately felt with the cancellation of Wednesday night’s performance of "Illinoise.” The production issued refunds and a heartfelt statement on the tragedy. It was a dark day not only for the cast and crew but also for all of Broadway.

Sara Bareilles, a frequent collaborator and renowned music artist, expressed her deep sorrow on Instagram. Reflecting on their shared experiences:

Generous and compassionate, Gates was always the first to arrive and the last to leave. His dedication to his craft and his care for those around him were unmatched. Today's loss is deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing him and working with him. Thom Gates will be dearly missed, a sentiment that I struggle to encapsulate in words. I hope he knew just how much he was loved.

Remembering Thom Gates

The loss extends beyond professional ties. Gates was married to Rick, who is also involved in the "Illinoise" production. The show's production team expressed that the couple’s contributions to the show were instrumental from the start, dedicating the entirety of the show’s run to Gates’ loving memory.

While preparing for the Tony Awards, the Broadway community is also in mourning. As tributes pour in, the community reflects on the void that Gates’ departure leaves behind. The stages of Broadway will dim their lights tonight in honor of a man who dedicated his life to the theatrical arts.

In conclusion, the Broadway community is united in its grief over the loss of Thomas J. Gates. His legacy of dedication, passion, and kindness is remembered by all who had the fortune to cross his path. With "Illinoise" continuing its scheduled performances, Gates's spirit lives on in every production he touched.

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