Bragg Seeks Rescheduling for Testifying in Trump Hush Money Case

 June 8, 2024

A date conflict has arisen in the high-profile case against former President Donald Trump, involving Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

According to Washington Examiner, Alvin Bragg, due to unforeseen clashes in his schedule, has declined the date proposed by House Republicans for his testimony regarding the Trump hush money trial.

Recently indicted on multiple counts, former President Trump faces allegations from a 2016 hush money incident. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, led by Alvin Bragg, continues to be at the forefront of this legal battle, which has captured national attention.

The original date set for Bragg’s testimony was June 13. However, conflicts related to ongoing legal matters, which extend into mid-July, have necessitated a reschedule.

Leslie Dubeck, counsel to Bragg, emphasized the commitment to cooperation but noted the need for a mutually agreeable date for testimony. The request comes in light of the gravity and timing of the ongoing proceedings.

House Committee Scrutinizes DA's Prosecution of Trump

Jim Jordan, chair of the Judiciary Committee, has described this inquiry as a probe into what he perceives as biased prosecutions. Specifically, he calls out the action against Trump by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as notably politicized.

To further the investigation, the committee has also called upon prosecutor Matthew Colangelo, highlighting his prior roles in the Biden administration and his involvement in the Trump prosecution.

Following Trump’s conviction on 34 counts of falsifying business records, the committee moved swiftly to summon Bragg and Colangelo. As Trump’s cases continue, the need for clear and careful procedure is paramount, cited multiple times by court orders aimed at shielding the judicial process’s integrity.

Legal Proceedings and Public Interaction Considered

Leslie Dubeck articulated concerns regarding the intersection of ongoing trials and public disclosures, "The trial court and reviewing appellate courts have issued numerous orders to protect the fair administration of justice in People v. Trump. To participate in a public hearing at this time would be potentially detrimental to those efforts."

According to the DA's office, discussions are ongoing with the committee staff to find a feasible date that does not jeopardize the legal processes involved. Russell Dye, a spokesperson for Jim Jordan, hinted that the committee is exploring all possible next steps in what promises to be a heated oversight endeavor.

The DA’s office has expressed a clear stance on public testimony during active cases, emphasizing the potential risks and the necessity for careful handling of any information shared in such a format.


The situation reflects the tricky balance between congressional oversight and the effective administration of justice. As the legal proceedings promise to draw attention and scrutiny, the paths of these intersecting powers demonstrate the complexities of this high-profile case.

While the exact date for the rescheduled testimony remains undecided, the commitment to transparency and adherence to judicial protection suggests a cautious approach from both sides. As the legal and political narratives continue to unfold, the attention will remain fixed on how these pivotal issues are navigated.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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