Border Union Chief Explodes On Biden During Visit

 March 1, 2024

Tensions flare at the U.S. southern border as union leadership takes a stand.

The head of the union representing Border Patrol agents has openly criticized President Biden's border policies.

Eagle Pass, Texas, has become the latest flashpoint in an ongoing debate over U.S. border security. Brandon Judd, the National Border Patrol Council (NBCP) leader, did not mince words as he lambasted the current administration's handling of border issues.

His platform was shared by former President Donald Trump, underscoring the stark contrast between the two political figures' approaches to immigration and border control.

Sharp Words From the Border Union Head

In a passionate address, Judd conveyed the deep frustration of Border Patrol agents. "Your agents … they are pissed. Border Patrol agents are upset that we cannot get the proper policy that is necessary to protect human life, to protect American citizens, to protect the people that are crossing the border illegally," he stated.

The NBCP's criticism comes as President Biden was hosting a concurrent event in Brownsville. This location, noted for being less impacted by the border crisis, was seen by Judd as a misstep, signaling that Biden was out of touch with the gravity of the situation where it was most dire.

Brandon Judd made it clear that the Border Patrol's patience was wearing thin. The NBCP warned President Biden against misrepresenting their views and described his visit to the border as inadequate and overdue.

Trump's Presence Amplifies Criticism

The inclusion of former President Trump at the press conference in Eagle Pass was telling. Trump's tough stance on border security during his presidency was a defining feature of his administration, and his presence alongside Judd served as a visual comparison to the policies of the current administration.

Judd's words were an admonishment of President Biden and a commendation of local leadership. He praised Texas Governor Abbott for his efforts to address the border crisis, providing a notable endorsement amid the political turmoil.

Brandon Judd expressed his appreciation for the support of former President Trump and Governor Abbott:

Thank goodness we have a governor like Governor Abbott. Thank goodness we have somebody that's willing to run for President of the United States, forego everything else he's been doing to serve the American people. Mr. President, thank you.

A Disconnected Presidential Visit

As the head of the NBCP spoke out in Eagle Pass, President Biden was urging the passage of a Senate border bill in Brownsville. The choice of Brownsville for the President's meeting – a town not at the center of the border crisis – seemed to Judd and his colleagues a symbolic misstep.

The Border Patrol union has been vocal before, issuing statements critical of Biden's approach to the border. The timing of Biden's visit, coinciding with Judd's press conference, only highlighted the division between the Border Patrol's perspective and the administration's actions.

The NBCP's stern message to President Biden was uncompromising. They cautioned him to "keep our name out of your mouth," signaling a deep rift between the union and the president.


The press conference in Eagle Pass, Texas, marked significant tension between the National Border Patrol Council and President Biden. The head of the NBCP, Brandon Judd, criticized the President's border policies with former President Trump by his side, highlighting a clear divide between the current and past administrations' approaches.

Judd expressed the Border Patrol agents' anger, condemned Biden for not visiting the epicenter of the border crisis, and praised Governor Abbott for his efforts. The NBCP's message was clear: they feel their concerns are being ignored and their patience has run out. This event underscores the current administration's challenges in addressing the complex issues at the southern border.

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