Boeing CEO To Resign At The End Of 2024

By Robert Cunningham, updated on March 26, 2024

An era comes to an end at Boeing with a significant leadership reshuffle on the horizon.

Breitbart News reported that Boeing's CEO Dave Calhoun is set to depart by year's end, marking a pivotal turn for the aerospace giant as it grapples with safety challenges.

Leadership Shuffle Signals A New Direction For Boeing

The departure of Dave Calhoun from the helm of Boeing symbolizes a much-needed shift in leadership to navigate the turbulent skies following the tragic crashes of two Max 8 jets in 2018 and 2019. These incidents not only cost the lives of 346 people but also cast a long shadow over Boeing's commitment to safety and reliability.

Amidst this backdrop, the announcement of Calhoun's resignation comes alongside other notable exits. Larry Kellner, the chair of Boeing's board of directors, is also set to leave his position, further signaling a major overhaul at the company's top echelons. This string of departures marks a critical juncture for Boeing as it seeks to restore confidence among passengers, regulators, and investors.

Steve Mollenkopf, the former CEO of Qualcomm, will replace Kellner. He brings a fresh perspective from outside the aerospace sector.

Mollenkopf's primary task will be to steer the search for Calhoun's successor, a process that will undoubtedly be scrutinized for signals of Boeing's future direction. His experience leading a high-tech company through its challenges could prove invaluable as Boeing confronts its own set of complex issues.

Safety Concerns Loom Large Over Boeing's Future

The safety crisis that has engulfed Boeing extends beyond the boardroom and into the very airframes it manufactures. A recent incident in January, where a door panel blew out mid-air, though resulting in no injuries, has once again brought Boeing's safety record under intense scrutiny. Such events underscore the urgency for Boeing to address its safety culture comprehensively.

Dave Calhoun, who took the reins in early 2020 following Dennis Muilenburg's ouster, inherited a company in crisis. Under his leadership, Boeing has sought to navigate the aftermath of the Max 8 disasters, striving to implement reforms and regain the trust of the flying public. His departure, therefore, marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in Boeing's storied history.

In response to the ongoing challenges, Boeing has announced that Stan Deal, head of its commercial airplane division, will retire immediately. Stephanie Pope, the company's chief operating officer, is set to fill Deal's position, signaling a move towards stabilizing the division at the heart of Boeing's recent woes.

A Time For Reflection And Renewed Commitment

In a statement, Dave Calhoun reflected on the gravity of the moment and Boeing's path forward: "The eyes of the world are on us, and I know that we will come through this moment a better company."

This acknowledgment from Calhoun is more than an admission of past failures; it's a solemn promise of betterment. It encapsulates the enormity of the challenge ahead for Boeing as it seeks to rebuild its reputation and ensure the safety of its aircraft.

The leadership changes at Boeing, particularly in such a short span, indicate a company at a crossroads. With shares ticking up more than three percent in pre-market trading following the announcement, there's cautious optimism about Boeing's financial future. However, the real measure of success will be in how effectively the new leadership can address the company's deep-seated safety issues and cultural challenges.


Boeing's announcement of CEO Dave Calhoun's resignation and other significant leadership changes marks a pivotal moment for the company amidst ongoing safety and reliability concerns. While signaling a commitment to addressing these critical issues, these changes also underscore the challenges. The eyes of the world, indeed, are on Boeing, watching to see if it can navigate this tumultuous period and emerge stronger, safer, and more reliable. The task ahead for Boeing's new leadership is monumental, but it is also an opportunity to steer the company back to its foundational values of safety and trust.

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