Bodycam Footage Shows Encounter Between Ex-Trump Aide And Jack Smith’s Agents

 January 7, 2024

A recent incident involving former Trump campaign aide Harrison Floyd has sparked controversy.

Bodycam footage reveals a tense confrontation between Floyd and FBI agents outside his Maryland home, an event linked to special counsel Jack Smith's probe into the 2020 election.

According to the video obtained by Fox News, Floyd, previously serving as the director of Black Voices for Trump, recounted to local police an alarming encounter with the agents. The footage shows Floyd detailing how men in suits, likened to characters from the TV show ‘Better Call Saul’, pursued him aggressively without proper identification.

Legal Implications and Arrest of Harrison Floyd

Floyd, who was indicted in the Georgia election case and is under investigation by Smith, considered retaliating when one of the agents revealed a firearm, Fox News reported.

His attorney, Chris Kachouroff, highlighted that such aggressive behavior was unexpected from law enforcement. Kachouroff also pointed out a misreported allegation against Floyd, accusing him of assaulting an agent.

Kachouroff emphasized the importance of plainclothes officers identifying themselves, typically by displaying badges. He argued that if Floyd had indeed made physical contact with the agents, they would have likely reacted physically.

Incident Details and Subsequent Legal Response

The incident, which occurred on February 23, 2023, led to Floyd demanding the agents' identities and supervisors, insisting on pressing charges.

A responding police officer concurred that the agents mishandled the situation. However, Floyd was arrested 10 hours after reporting the incident to police. Despite Maryland officials dismissing state charges against him, he still faces the possibility of a federal indictment.

The subpoena related to this case seeks information about Floyd's contacts with former President Donald Trump and documents linked to a lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani, concerning election workers.

Chris Kachouroff expressed his views on the incident, "They should have retracted that, but at the end of the day, if you look at the police report, it's odd, to say the least. Remember, these are two FBI agents. They're law enforcement, and if you look at the state police report, remember, Harrison called the police when these strange people came up to his house and followed him."

Public Perception and Law Enforcement Protocol

The unfolding of this event has led to scrutiny over the conduct of law enforcement, particularly in high-profile cases.

The affidavit claims that an agent did show credentials, but Floyd allegedly did not observe them. This has raised questions about the procedures followed by agents in such scenarios.

Amidst these developments, Harrison Floyd remains a key figure in an ongoing investigation that has drawn significant public interest.


His encounter with the FBI agents, now captured on bodycam footage, adds another layer to the complexities surrounding the 2020 election investigations.

Harrison Floyd's encounter with FBI agents, as captured in the bodycam footage, raises significant questions about law enforcement conduct, legal proceedings, and the ongoing investigation into the 2020 election.

The incident, involving an unexpected confrontation and subsequent legal ramifications, continues to unfold, drawing attention to the practices of law enforcement in high-stakes investigations.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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