Bodycam Footage Exposes Jack Smith In Case Against Trump

 January 6, 2024

A newly released bodycam video is stirring controversy in the ongoing investigation into former President Trump's campaign.

The footage shows Harrison Floyd, a former Trump campaign aide, in a heated exchange with FBI agents over their approach to serving a subpoena.

Former Marine and MMA Expert Confronts FBI Agents

Harrison Floyd, who previously served in the Trump campaign, was captured on bodycam footage obtained by Fox News' "The Ingraham Angle." He is seen discussing a tense encounter with FBI agents in Montgomery County, Maryland. This incident took place in February 2023 when Floyd was returning home with his daughter.

Floyd expressed his shock and confusion at the sudden appearance of the agents. He compared them to characters from the television show "Better Call Saul." According to Floyd, the agents failed to properly identify themselves, which escalated the situation.

Dispute Over Agents' Conduct and Identification

Floyd's account of the encounter raises questions about the agents' conduct. He claimed that the agents, who were in plain clothes, did not show any credentials to prove their identity. This lack of identification led to a confrontation, where Floyd, a former Marine and mixed martial arts (MMA) expert, contemplated how to respond.

The situation escalated when one of the agents brandished a weapon. This incident resulted in allegations against Floyd, accusing him of physically assaulting an agent. However, his lawyer, Chris Kachouroff, refuted these claims, suggesting that they were based on a misreported allegation that found its way into the case file.

Chris Kachouroff, Floyd's lawyer, shared his perspective on the agents' approach. He stated:

If you touch a police officer in his nose — you get that close to him where you're pointing at his nose... poking his cheek, as they said in the police report... you're going to get hooked. Like I said, no police officer worth his salt — even an FBI agent — is going to do this type of shenanigan.

Kachouroff argued that as a former law enforcement officer, Floyd would have likely faced physical retaliation had he touched the agents. He emphasized that plainclothes officers typically wear badges to properly identify themselves.

Floyd's Response and Subsequent Arrest

Floyd expressed his desire to press charges against the agents on the bodycam video. He criticized their tactics as inappropriate for simply serving a subpoena. A police officer who listened to Floyd's account agreed, noting that the approach described by Floyd was not in line with proper procedures.

Despite Floyd's call to the police and his attempt to file a complaint, he was arrested 10 hours later. This arrest led to a series of legal proceedings. Floyd's lawyer claimed that while the FBI sought to dismiss the state charges, a federal indictment was considered, viewing the case as potentially embarrassing.

Subpoena Details and Charges Against Floyd

The subpoena demanded Floyd's contacts with Trump, the Trump White House, and Trump attorneys. It also sought documents related to a lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani regarding election workers.

While Floyd has been charged in the Georgia election case, he has not yet been indicted by special counsel Jack Smith. Smith's investigation into Trump's activities continues to unfold.

Floyd's encounter with the FBI agents and subsequent legal troubles highlight the ongoing tensions and complexities in the investigations surrounding former President Trump. The bodycam footage has brought to light concerns about law enforcement procedures and the challenges faced by individuals caught in high-profile political inquiries.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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