Bobulinsky Testifies Against Biden Leading Back To Obama Admin Days

 February 17, 2024

In a recent turn of events, attention focuses sharply on Tony Bobulinski, a decorated military veteran and former business associate of Hunter Biden.

Tony Bobulinski's testimony before Congress alleging that the Biden family had undisclosed financial dealings with a Chinese firm linked to the Communist Party during Joe Biden's vice presidency has sparked a whirlwind of controversy.

Bobulinski claims these dealings directly involved Joe Biden, contradicting previous statements that the family's involvement with the Chinese firm CEFC began only after Biden's vice-presidential term.

Tony Bobulinski stepped into the spotlight, armed with emails, messages, and personal testimonies, to detail an intricate web of business dealings that supposedly started while Joe Biden was still in office. Early in 2017, Bobulinski was named CEO of a venture that involved Hunter Biden and CEFC China Energy, a company reported to have connections with the Communist Party of China. According to Bobulinski, this venture was obscured from public view, raising questions about the transparency and legality of the Biden family's foreign business engagements.

An email dated December 24, 2015, from James Gilliar hinted at a potential deal involving a "prominent US family" and CEFC, which Bobulinski interpreted as the Bidens. Further emails suggested intricate financial arrangements, including shares for Hunter Biden and his uncle, Jim Biden, with mentions of a mysterious "big guy," which some have speculated refers to Joe Biden himself. Bobulinski's allegations point to a narrative markedly different from the public statements made by the Biden family and their associates regarding their business dealings.

The Intricacies of Biden Family Dealings with Chinese Firm Revealed

Tony Bobulinski provided a detailed account involving requests for significant financial amounts, strategic discussions, and confidential meetings. He narrated an incident where Hunter Biden supposedly asked for $20 million from CEFC representatives for services rendered during Joe Biden's tenure as vice president.

Bobulinski also shared details of a meeting with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, hinting at the latter's direct participation in the CEFC project. This assertion starkly contrasts Joe Biden's declarations of never discussing business with his son.

Following Bobulinski's statements, reactions have varied, including support, doubt, and efforts to question his credibility. An interesting episode involves Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield, who reportedly tried to persuade Bobulinski against publicizing his experiences. Furthermore, a letter signed by 51 intelligence officials, calling the conversations about Hunter Biden's business engagements Russian disinformation, underscores the contentious and politically sensitive backdrop of these claims.

The Clash Over Truth and Transparency in Washington

During the Congressional testimony, Bobulinski lamented the efforts by certain Democratic members to question the legality of his disclosures and violate his privacy. His statement to Congress highlighted his frustration with the politicization of his testimony and the lack of bipartisan concern for the underlying issues.

Hunter and I were directly across from Director Zang and Zhao, and Hunter starts — I don’t mean just raising his voice — just yelling at Director Zang, ‘you owe my family money. Why haven’t you paid the $20 million we’ve discussed? When is it coming?’” What’s he talking about when he says ‘we have been shorted’? He’s talking about the fact that they were expected to get paid $20 million by CEFC for the work they had done previously … this started back in 2015.


Tony Bobulinski's testimony before Congress has thrust the Biden family's international business activities into the spotlight, raising numerous questions about their dealings with a Chinese firm while Joe Biden was vice president. This situation, marked by allegations of undisclosed financial agreements, is a tangled mix of assertions and rebuttals. Bobulinski's account, which speaks of hidden transactions, monetary requests, and political ties, could have significant consequences if verified. As more details emerge, this incident highlights the complex and sometimes murky overlap between business and political interests.

This case underscores the importance of transparency, accountability, and the dangers of potential conflicts of interest in blending business with politics. Tony Bobulinski's allegations and the evidence he provided to Congress demand a comprehensive and unbiased investigation. The involvement of a family possibly on its way to the presidency in overseas business ventures, especially those linked to the Communist Party of China, prompts serious concerns about national security and the integrity of public office.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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