Blizzard Buries the Midwest in Record Snowfall

 March 29, 2024

The Midwest has been blanketed in snow following a severe spring storm.

A severe spring storm and blizzard recently concluded, leaving extensive snowfall across the central and northern Plains and the Upper Midwest, leading to widespread disruptions and hazardous conditions.

According to Fox Weather News, the storm delivered a significant blow to the central and northern Plains and the Upper Midwest, depositing heavy snowfall that led to perilous travel conditions. Minnesota authorities reported hundreds of vehicle incidents, attributing many to the treacherous weather.

A 150-mile stretch of Interstate 80 in Nebraska was shut down due to severe weather conditions, including blowing and drifting snow. Similarly, a portion of Interstate 70 in Kansas was rendered impassable, showcasing the storm's broad impact.

Minnesota Faces the Brunt of the Storm

In Minnesota, the storm proved particularly deadly, with two fatalities resulting from weather-related crashes. The state witnessed hundreds of crashes and spinouts, underscoring the difficult conditions travelers face.

A Kansas State Trooper experienced the storm's hazards first-hand when a semi struck his vehicle while attending to a non-injury crash amidst blizzard conditions. The incident, highlighting the risks even to emergency responders, prompted authorities to urge extreme caution.

Minneapolis set a new record for snowfall on Sunday, receiving an extraordinary 8.2 inches and surpassing the previous record set in 1996. Duluth saw even greater amounts, with 21.6 inches of snow, as parts of Minnesota were engulfed in a winter wonderland.

Unrelenting Snow and Subsequent Freeze

Some regions of Minnesota experienced continuous snowfall for an astonishing 76 hours, contributing to the substantial accumulations that disrupted normalcy.

The storm's ferocity was further compounded by winds reaching up to 40 mph, significantly reducing visibility and making travel even more hazardous.

Following the storm, a cold blast from Canada is expected to sweep over the region, plummeting temperatures to the teens and single digits. This dramatic temperature drop, coupled with high temperatures remaining 15-25 degrees below average, is anticipated to prolong the presence of snow on the ground, creating slippery conditions on untreated roads and sidewalks.

The FOX Forecast Center offered insights into the storm's aftermath, stating, "The snow is finally tapering off across the Upper Midwest late Tuesday, but the winds will still blow around the snow into early Wednesday." This forecast underscores the storm's lasting effects, even as the snowfall subsides.


The recent severe spring storm and blizzard have caused extensive disruptions throughout the central and northern Plains and the Upper Midwest. Record-breaking snowfall, traffic accidents, and significant highway closures have marked this event.

As the snow begins to taper off, the aftermath leaves behind a landscape grappling with hazardous conditions and the challenge of recovery in cold temperatures that remain below average, maintaining snowy and icy conditions on roads and sidewalks.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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