Blade and Daniels Contemplate Leaving U.S. If Trump Acquitted

 May 15, 2024

Barrett Blade, the husband of Stormy Daniels, raised serious concerns about the potential outcomes of a legal case involving former President Donald Trump during an interview on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.”

As reported by Breitbart News, Blade suggested that regardless of the verdict, their lives would remain challenging, and if Trump is acquitted, a possible move out of the U.S. is on the horizon.

Blade, an adult film actor, appeared on CNN to discuss the possible repercussions of Trump’s legal case on his family. He expressed that a not-guilty verdict could force them to leave the United States, while a guilty verdict would still bring significant backlash from Trump supporters. Blade emphasized that Stormy Daniels has faced ongoing public and financial struggles, regardless of the legal outcome.

Blade Voices Concerns Over Legal Outcomes

Blade described the continuous difficulties his wife has endured, highlighting the lack of support compared to other high-profile cases. He pointed out that despite Daniels' significant role in the legal proceedings, she faces immense hate and little public support. This lack of support, according to Blade, has placed an unfair burden on Daniels, financially and socially.

He further compared Daniels' situation to that of E. Jean Carroll, who received more public backing in her legal battles. Blade noted that while they were happy for Carroll, Daniels has not experienced the same level of assistance. The financial strain of legal fees has added to their challenges, with no one stepping up to help.

Barrett Blade discussed the potential implications of Trump’s verdict on their personal lives. A not-guilty verdict, he believes, would necessitate considering leaving the country. If Trump is found guilty, Daniels would still face significant animosity from Trump's followers, making their situation seemingly unwinnable.

Potential Move If Trump Acquitted

Blade expressed that regardless of the trial's outcome, their lives would continue to be marred by threats and hostility, highlighting the challenges Daniels faces. The couple is considering relocating from the U.S. if Trump is acquitted to escape further negative reactions. Blade's statements underscore their concern about the potential verdict and its effect on their lives.

Blade also expressed his distress over Daniels's difficulties, pointing out their emotional burden. He noted Daniels's desire to close this chapter and seek a normal life, yet he remains skeptical about achieving this normalcy.

Furthermore, Blade stressed that the public often overlooks the personal toll of high-profile cases. He explained that the animosity towards Daniels has been intense, which has hindered their ability to move on. Blade's remarks highlight the significant personal impact of their ongoing legal struggles with Trump.

Financial and Social Struggles Continue

Blade pointed out the financial burden of Daniels’ legal proceedings, emphasizing the substantial legal fees that remain. She has lacked adequate support despite Daniels paving the way for other cases. Blade criticized the scant public assistance, highlighting the inconsistency in support compared to similar cases.

He also described the social difficulties they continue to face, with Daniels often being the subject of public contempt. Blade expressed their wish to move forward but recognized the challenges posed by ongoing scrutiny and backlash. His comments focus on their efforts to achieve normalcy amidst ongoing turmoil.

In an interview with CNN, Barrett Blade discussed the personal repercussions of Trump’s legal case on his family. With the possibility of a not-guilty verdict, the couple contemplates a significant move to avoid the repercussions. Blade's poignant observations underscore the complex and frequently ignored human aspects of these high-profile legal disputes.


Barrett Blade’s concerns reflect the profound impact of the legal case involving former President Donald Trump on his family. Regardless of the verdict, the couple faces a challenging future filled with public scrutiny and backlash. Blade's comparison to E. Jean Carroll underscores the lack of support Daniels has received. Their financial and social struggles testify to the harsh realities of being entangled in such high-profile legal matters. Ultimately, Blade's comments reveal a deep desire for normalcy and peace despite the uncertain road ahead.

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