Bill Maher Suggests Biden To Be Switched Out And New Nominee Should Enter At DNC Convention

 February 10, 2024

Host Bill Maher has suggested that the Democratic Party consider replacing President Joe Biden for the upcoming Democratic National Convention (DNC) due to concerns over his cognitive abilities and following a report by a special counsel.

Maher’s argument hinges on the aftermath of the special counsel’s findings and Biden's recent public mishaps, which he believes undermine the President's ability to serve effectively.

Bill Maher revisited one of his earlier quips during the episode, where he coined the term "Ruth Bader Biden," comparing President Biden’s tenure to that of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Maher insinuates that, like Ginsburg, President Biden may have exceeded his optimal period of service. This comparison draws attention to Maher’s concern about Biden's cognitive capacity to continue serving in the highest office.

A Closer Examination of President Biden's Recent Missteps

The host elaborated on a series of recent events that have put President Biden under scrutiny. Among these, Maher pointed out President Biden’s decision to bypass the traditional Super Bowl interview for the second year and his mix-up of world leaders at a press conference, which has stirred discussions among Democrats and Republicans alike. Maher used these incidents to underline his argument that Biden might not be the best candidate for the upcoming election.

Bill Maher said: "Bubbling up this week… he won't do the Super Bowl interview, which is not a hard one, mixing up all the world leaders and then this report that came out." This comment underscores Maher’s concerns about the potential political fallout from Biden’s actions and the recent report by Special Counsel Robert Hur.

"I said he was going to be the Ruth Bader Ginsburg of presidential politics… He stayed too long at the fair." Maher’s reflection on his previous remark about Biden adds weight to his argument for considering a replacement candidate for the next presidential race.

Exploring the Political Implications of Maher's Comments

The backdrop for Maher’s argument includes not just the gaffes but also a broader political strategy. He compares the current situation to significant political events like the Comey letter and the Starr report, highlighting how Republicans have historically utilized similar incidents to their advantage. This comparison is intended to spur the Democrats into action to avoid potential electoral setbacks, Fox News reported.

During the 2020 election campaign, President Biden described himself as a "bridge" for the Democratic Party, a notion Maher recalls to suggest that Biden may have initially intended to serve only one term. This interpretation of Biden’s statement forms part of Maher’s rationale for advocating for a fresh face at the DNC convention.

Bill Maher humorously recounted an error by President Biden during a press conference where he confused the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, with the President of Mexico. Such moments, Maher argues, highlight the urgency for the Democratic Party to reassess Biden’s candidacy.


The essence of Maher’s argument is that it’s not too late for change. He contemplates the feasibility of substituting President Biden with another candidate at the DNC convention, presenting it as a viable option for the Democrats to maintain their electoral competitiveness. "You can switch him out at the convention… If a guy says 'I can't run,' then you have to do it. Then it has to be somebody else. Then it's an open convention," he asserts, suggesting a practical, albeit radical, course of action.

While Maher is critical of the special counsel’s report on President Biden, his broader concern lies with the cumulative effect of Biden’s gaffes and the political narrative they feed into. Maher's commentary, though laced with his characteristic humor, posits a serious contemplation among Democrats regarding Biden's future candidacy.

Bill Maher has sparked a contentious debate with his suggestion to replace President Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate in the upcoming DNC convention. Citing concerns over Biden’s cognitive abilities, historical gaffes, and tactical political implications, Maher’s comments have reignited discussions about the best path forward for the Democratic Party. As the political landscape continues to evolve, Maher's provocative perspective underscores the complexities of leadership and the unpredictable nature of American politics.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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