Bill Barr Believes Colorado Decision Feeds Trump More Support

By Jerry McConway, updated on December 22, 2023

Former Attorney General Bill Barr is not well-liked among MAGA, as they believe he abandoned Trump.

A former Bush administration official, one might say he is neck deep in the Swamp, but the man is still a brilliant legal mind, and his opinion on how the Colorado Supreme Court ruling will impact the Trump campaign is something you are going to want to hear.

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  • Barr explains how the ruling will help Trump
  • Barr dissects the consequences of the ruling
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Barr Says Ruling Helps Trump

Like most other pundits, Barr believes the Supreme Court of Colorado’s decision will only drive more support for Donald Trump, not take it away. Trump has surged among his indictments, and Barr expects the same thing to happen here. He stated:

“I think this kind of action of stretching the law, taking these hyperaggressive positions to try to knock Trump out of the race are counterproductive. They backfire.

“As you know, he feeds on grievance, just like a fire feeds on oxygen. And this is going to end up as a grievance that helps him.”

Barr Explains Consequences of Ruling

Barr was very open about how dangerous this decision was, removing Trump from the equation and looking forward. He stated:

“The practical consequences — put principles aside — the practical consequences of this ruling would be chaos, where you have, essentially there’s no standard, as you pointed out. It’s sort of mushy. Exactly what is an insurrection? What does engagement mean?

“Now, every state is gonna make their own rules on this. Set up their own procedures, you know. Is the proof gonna be beyond a reasonable doubt? Ponderance of the evidence, clear and convincing, substantial evidence? Everyone does a different thing and knocks certain national candidates off ballots? It would be chaos.”

Barr was also very complimentary of the dissenting opinions, all of which were critical of the majority opinion in the case. Barr stated:

“The three Democratic justices who dissented, their opinions I think are masterful, and as they pointed out, the process here was procedural Frankenstein.”


Barr’s analysis was about as dead accurate as one could make it. Remember, this is a man who has already gone on record against Trump winning the 2024 election as the GOP nominee, so it gives his opinion on this even more weight.

I have stated before that Democrats appear very short-sighted when it comes to Donald Trump. They are bending all kinds of rules, openly lying about how the Constitution can be used to get Trump out of the picture.

This will all come back to bite them when the pendulum of power swings back in favor of Republicans. The very arguments they are using now to remove Trump, they will fight against tooth and nail when they are used against them… that is just how our political system works.

The irony is that had they just left Trump alone, Ron DeSantis probably would have beaten him in the primary and been the GOP nominee. DeSantis had surged to a tie with Trump before all the indictments started to hit, then Trump was charged, and he surged to a level nobody could have possibly predicted.

In their effort to remove Trump from the picture, they have turned a molehill into a mountain, and I am just not sure they are going to be able to get over that mountain come November 2024.

About Jerry McConway

Jerry McConway is an independent political author and investigator who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has spent years building a strong following of readers who know that he will write what he believes is true, even if it means criticizing politicians his followers support. His readers have come to expect his integrity.

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