Biden’s Migrant Mobile App Frees Over 300,000 Foreigners Into America

 November 15, 2023

The Biden administration's migrant mobile application, "CBP One," has marked a new chapter in the United States' approach to immigration.

The CBP One mobile app, launched by the Biden administration in January 2023, has facilitated the entry of over 350,000 migrants into the United States from Mexico.

By October 2023, the mobile app enabled over 350,000 migrants to cross into the US, comparable to the population of significant American cities such as Manchester, NH, and Santa Rosa, CA. This influx represents a profound shift in the scale and management of migration flows.

Understanding the Migrant Mobile App

Originally intended to streamline the border crossing process, the app has created controversy.  CBP One was launched in January 2023, with hundreds of migrants crossing the US by May 2023 following rumors that the border was open.

Since its launch, the app has released over 350,000 migrants into the US interior by the end of October 2023. In October alone, 44,000 migrants successfully entered the US via the app.

Rep. Gaetz had voiced his concerns months ago, grilling DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over the mobile app. He asserted that the app served as a 'Disney fast pass' for foreign nationals who otherwise would have no way to get into the U.S. interior.

Impact on Local Communities and Economy

The number of migrants entering the US through the app equates to the population sizes of major US cities like Manchester, New Hampshire, or Santa Rosa, California.

It's even edging close to the population of Cleveland, Ohio. The influx of this magnitude is not without its implications. Interestingly, data shows that 99% of migrants who schedule appointments via the app are subsequently released into the US interior.

Moreover, migrants who enter the US via the app are increasingly likely to receive work permits in the US at a faster rate. This phenomenon has drawn sharp criticism from various quarters.

Timeline of the CBP One App

Biden administration launches CBP One app to allow migrants in Mexico to schedule border crossing appointments. Hundreds of migrants crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico based on a rumor that the United States would allow them entry. These migrants were turned away, but misinformation spread about the ease of crossing.

This misinformation adds to the challenges these people face, both in traveling to the US-Mexico border and in seeking asylum in the United States. By September 2023, data showed that 99% of app users were released into the US interior and were more likely to secure work permits.

By October 2023, 44,000 migrants had entered the US via app appointments, bringing the total since launch to over 350,000. The app has continued to operate, raising questions about its impact on the immigration landscape.


  • The CBP One app was launched in January 2023 to streamline US border crossings.
  • Over 350,000 migrants have entered the US via the app since October 2023.
  • 44,000 migrants used the app for entry in October alone.
  • Most migrants using the app are released into the US interior.
  • Quick work permit issuance for migrants is becoming more common.
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz criticized the app, comparing it to a "Disney fast pass."
  • Debate continues over the app's impact on immigration and border security.

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