Biden’s Lax Border Policies Lead ICE To Arrest 171 Migrants Accused Of Homicide

 February 2, 2024

A sweeping operation has awakened the nation to its continued struggle with illegal immigration and crime.

In a massive nationwide sweep, ICE has arrested 171 illegal immigrants with serious criminal records.

Nationwide Operation Targets Serious Offenders

Over the span of two weeks, the United States has witnessed a substantial law enforcement effort from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The agency has focused on large metropolitan areas, apprehending individuals tied to grave offenses.

Among those arrested were 103 migrants with sexual crime charges against children and 10 with homicide-related charges.

The scope of the operation covered around 25 large urban centers, including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Tacoma, and Denver.

These cities have been under the watchful eye of ICE as they seek to locate and detain migrants who pose a threat to public safety. Deputy Director Patrick J. Lechleitner underscored the importance of these operations in ensuring the safety of communities.

ICE Struggles With Budget Constraints

The financial strain on ICE is evident, with the agency currently operating beyond its budget, having apprehended 5,000 more individuals than planned. This overage comes at a time when ICE is bound by a continuing resolution through early March, posing further challenges to its operations.

Lechleitner has expressed concerns about the financial sustainability of such operations, hoping for additional funding from the Biden administration and Congress.

He elaborated on the fiscal challenges facing the agency:

We’re currently under a CR through the beginning of March and we’re gonna have to make some tough decisions going forward if we don’t get more supplemental funding because we have to live within our means like everything else in the government and in reality.

The deputy director's hopes lie in the possibility of increased funding to continue the work they believe is critical for public safety. Last year, the Enforcement and Removal Operations sector of ICE arrested 73,822 migrants, with a total of 290,178 charges and convictions, highlighting the scale of their task.

ICE Officers' Tireless Efforts Recognized

Lechleitner acknowledged the hard work put in by ICE officers and praised their around-the-clock diligence. “But these communities are now safer thanks to our officers’ tireless efforts,” said Patrick J. Lechleitner.

The officers' dedication to planning and executing safe, efficient, and effective arrests was key to the success of this operation. The arrested migrants are now set to appear before an immigration court, where they will face deportation proceedings.

The timeline for these deportation proceedings will vary per individual, considering the nature of their immigration status and any legal appeals they may make. As the community reflects on this operation's outcome, ICE officers' dedication to public safety remains evident.


The ICE operation over the final weeks of January has led to the arrest of 171 illegal immigrants with a history of criminal charges and convictions. The focus was on those with serious offenses, particularly sexual crimes against children and homicide.

The operation spanned across 25 major metropolitan areas, and the apprehended individuals will face deportation proceedings. Budgetary concerns loom over ICE, with the agency exceeding its allotted budget and operating under a continuing resolution.

Officials hope for additional support from the government to maintain the safety of communities and the effectiveness of immigration enforcement.

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