Biden’s Dog Commander Allegedly Had It Out For Security Agents

By Victor Winston, updated on March 2, 2024

The serene image of the White House and its occupants is often one of decorum and safety, a symbol of American stability and governance. The Bidens have recently had to remove their German shepherd, Commander after the pet was involved in numerous unprovoked attacks on Secret Service agents and White House security officials in which EMS was forced to rush into the scene.

The Biden family's German shepherd, the Commander, has reportedly been involved in multiple incidents that have raised concerns among the White House Medical Unit and the Secret Service. Secret Service emails have unveiled several instances where the Commander exhibited aggressive behavior, lunging and attacking agents and security staff without provocation.

One particular incident drew significant attention: as an agent was opening a patio door for First Lady Jill Biden, the Commander attacked, aiming for the agent's throat. This resulted in the agent's shirt being torn and the infliction of two small lacerations.

This event is just one in a troubling pattern documented in 269 pages of emails obtained by Judicial Watch. This documentation reveals the Commander’s involvement in an alarming number of incidents, totaling two dozen. These have occurred at various prestigious locations associated with the presidency, including the White House, Camp David, and the Bidens’ vacation homes. In light of the growing concern over these incidents, the Commander has been relocated to stay with associates of the Bidens.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton expressed deep concern over the situation, criticizing the apparent disregard for the safety of those tasked with protecting the first family, “These Biden dog attack documents again raise fundamental questions about President Biden and the Secret Service. This is a special sort of craziness and corruption where a president and first lady would allow their dog to repeatedly attack Secret Service and White House personnel,” said Tom Fitton.

A Broad Range of Concerns Over Presidential Pet Behavior

There has been no comment from the Biden family or the White House on the exact number of people injured by Commander or the specific dates of these attacks. The continuing controversy has brought to light the challenges of managing pets in the highly scrutinized and security-intense environment of the White House.

The decision to remove the Commander from the premises was followed by widespread documentation and concern over the safety of Secret Service agents and White House security officials, Washington Examiner reported.

Judicial Watch’s effort to shine a light on these incidents through freedom of information requests has stirred debate over the appropriate handling of such sensitive matters.

Public response to the situation has been mixed, with some expressing sympathy for the Bidens’ predicament, while others, like Tom Fitton, view it as a matter of grave concern for the safety of White House personnel and a reflection on the administration's decision-making processes.


The saga of the Commander's aggressive behavior and subsequent removal from the White House underscores the complexities and challenges of presidential pet ownership.

It also highlights the paramount importance of safety and security within the highest echelons of American power.

The incidents involving the Commander have led to critical discussions about the responsibilities of the first family and the measures needed to ensure a safe environment for all White House employees and guests.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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