Biden’s Ballot Decision has Dems Scrambling for Solution

 October 31, 2023

Joe Biden's oversight in missing the filing deadline has left him off the New Hampshire ballot, causing a frantic response from Democrats.

Supporters of President Biden in New Hampshire have initiated a write-in campaign to ensure his name appears on the state's primary ballot. This move comes after Biden's decision not to file his name for the primary.

The Granite State's primary is set to be non-compliant with the Democratic National Committee's 2024 nominating calendar. This new calendar, proposed by Biden last year, would remove New Hampshire from its traditional leadoff position.

As a result, Biden chose to sidestep the unsanctioned contest.

Grassroots Movement Gains Momentum

The "Write-In Biden" campaign is a grassroots effort, with over 100 leaders and volunteers from New Hampshire rallying behind it. Notably, neither the president's re-election campaign nor the New Hampshire Democratic Party are affiliated with this initiative.

Jim Demers, a seasoned Democratic strategist and one of the campaign's leaders, emphasized the independent nature of the movement. He clarified that there has been no communication with the Biden campaign, labeling it a "citizens grassroots effort."

Interestingly, the campaign's launch came just days after Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota announced his primary challenge against Biden. However, Demers stated that Phillips' entry had no influence on the timing of their campaign's launch.

Notable Figures Back the Write-In Campaign

Several influential figures in New Hampshire's Democratic scene are supporting the write-in effort. This includes all 10 of the party's state senators, numerous state representatives, both 2024 gubernatorial candidates, and a host of current and former party leaders.

However, New Hampshire's all-Democratic congressional delegation, which includes Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan and Reps. Annie Kuster and Chris Pappas were not on the list. Later, Kuster expressed her support for the write-in campaign on social media platforms.

Demers highlighted the campaign's primary goal: to inform New Hampshire voters about their right to write in President Biden's name and guide them on how to do it. He also mentioned the influx of funds and the potential hiring of staff in the near future.

Origins of the Write-In Campaign

The idea for the write-in campaign can be traced back to last year when Biden proposed a 2024 nominating calendar. This proposal would have seen New Hampshire lose its premier position, replaced by South Carolina.

Biden's performance in the 2020 New Hampshire primary was lackluster, finishing fifth, Fox News reported.

However, New Hampshire plans to hold its 2024 primary ahead of South Carolina, in line with a state law. This move will make the state non-compliant with the DNC, leading to Biden's decision not to file his name on the ballot.

Despite being the clear frontrunner for re-nomination, Biden faces growing concerns from Democrats about his age. Polls suggest that many Americans, including numerous Democrats, are hesitant about Biden running for a second term.

Challenges Ahead for Biden

There are worries that the DNC's decision to change the nominating calendar and Biden's absence from the primary ballot might pose additional challenges for him in 2024.

Biden is already contending with a primary challenge from author Marianne Williamson and environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. However, Kennedy recently announced his intention to run as an independent candidate.

Now, with Phillips entering the race and backed by seasoned Democratic consultant Billy Shaheen, Biden's path seems even more challenging. Demers acknowledged the uphill battle, expressing hope that Biden could win the New Hampshire primary through the write-in campaign.


  • Joe Biden missed the filing deadline for the New Hampshire ballot.
  • Democrats in New Hampshire have initiated a write-in campaign in response.
  • Several influential figures in the state's Democratic scene support the campaign.
  • Biden faces growing concerns from Democrats about his age and potential for a second term.
  • Challengers like Dean Phillips and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. pose additional challenges for Biden.

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