Biden's Approval Rating at Record Low for 13th Quarter Presidency

 April 29, 2024

Concerns mount as President Joe Biden's approval rating plummets in his 13th quarter. The latest Gallup poll reveals a troubling downturn for President Joe Biden, placing his approval rating at a mere 38.7 percent.

According to Breitbart News, the recorded figures make this the lowest presidential rating in the equivalent period since 1945. Biden's term, which started with ratings above 50 percent, has significantly declined.

Historically, a 50 percent or higher rating is preferred for reelection probabilities. This current rating places President Biden in a precarious position as he eyes a second term.

A Glimpse into Historical Comparisons

Comparative data sheds light on President Biden's struggle. Notably, former presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon enjoyed much higher support during their respective 13th quarters.

This data point is crucial as it highlights the uphill battle Biden might face based on historical precedents. Gallup's analysis underscores the rarity of reelection success for those with sub-50% approval ratings at this stage, with Barack Obama being a notable exception.

Biden’s rating ranks him in the bottom percentile of a compilation of 314 presidential quarters since 1945. This stark statistic further emphasizes the unique challenge at hand.

Polling Insights and Historical Context

The Gallup survey, conducted with 1,001 adults from April 1 to April 22, captures this significant dip with a 4-point margin of error. The timing is critical as these figures encompass the entire span of Biden's 13th quarter, which concluded on April 19.

Gallup, in their reports, drew on historical comparisons:

Jimmy Carter is the only other president with a sub-50% average in his 13th quarter. Three of the four prior presidents who had 13th-quarter approval averages below 50% lost their reelection bids, with Obama the exception

Gallup's data vividly illustrates the importance of approval ratings at this crucial juncture of a presidency. Historically, Biden finds himself among the lower echelons, with his rating marked as the 277th out of 314 recorded since the mid-20th century.

The Road Ahead for Biden's Presidency

These figures indicate a broader sentiment of dissatisfaction or disapproval that could significantly impact Biden's strategic decisions moving forward. He might need to recalibrate his policies or public interactions to regain favor among voters.

As the election cycle approaches, these numbers will likely become a focal point for political analysts and strategists. They suggest a potential uphill battle for Biden's campaign, facing historically similar challenges only overcome by a few, like Barack Obama.

To sum it up, President Joe Biden’s current standing in public opinion is troublingly low, marking a historically challenging phase in his presidency. With an approval rating significantly below the usual threshold for a strong reelection campaign, much work is needed if he seeks a second term.

The significance of these figures cannot be understated, as they reflect current public sentiment and set a predictive framework for the upcoming elections. How Biden navigates this turbulent period could define his presidency and political legacy.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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