Biden's $320M Gaza Pier Destroyed by Rough Weather

 May 29, 2024

Recently installed by the U.S. military, the multi-million dollar temporary pier on the Gaza coast succumbed to severe weather conditions. The destruction has halted ongoing humanitarian efforts in the region.

Fox News Digital recently showcased satellite imagery of the temporary pier, revealing substantial damage. Erected earlier this month, the $320 million infrastructure could not withstand the rough sea conditions, leading to its disassembly just a week post-installation.

The Biden administration has acknowledged the damage and is currently planning repairs. However, specifics regarding when the pier might be operational again remain undisclosed, leaving a crucial aid delivery channel in limbo.

As per the latest reports, only a fraction of the pier withstands, complicating the logistical challenge. The Pentagon has confirmed that the pier's extensive damage occurred primarily before this Tuesday.

Aid Delivery Complications

Before the damage, the pier had facilitated the transport of approximately 569 metric tons of aid to Gaza. Despite this influx, distribution to the Palestinian population had not commenced as of last week.

This setback in aid supply coincides with significant military developments. The Israeli forces have launched an operation in Rafah, employing tanks and possibly remote-operated vehicles.

As expressed by witnesses to Reuters, "Witnesses in Rafah told Reuters the Israeli military appeared to be using remote-operated armored vehicles, as there was no immediate sign of personnel in or around them."

Visual Confirmation of Pier Status

Recent satellite images confirmed less than a third of the pier remains intact following the weather-induced devastation. This disruption is a major setback for logistics in the area, which is already strained by ongoing conflicts.

In the aftermath, stabilization vessels vital for the pier's operation were detached and displaced. Two of these critical units were found on a beach in Ashdod, Israel, while another duo remains anchored near their initial location.

Aid efforts have been on pause since Tuesday when it became apparent that the pier was no longer functional. This cessation applies to all aid deliveries that were routed through this newly established channel.

The Bigger Picture

This pier's establishment and subsequent destruction underline the fragile nature of infrastructure in conflict zones. It also highlights the complex challenges facing international aid delivery in such environments.

While efforts to mend the pier are on the docket, the timeline and feasibility of such projects remain uncertain amid fluctuating geopolitical and natural conditions. The destruction has not only physical but also significant humanitarian implications.


The destruction of the $320 million temporary pier on the Gaza coast has significantly disrupted aid efforts to the region. Despite handling over half a thousand metric tons of aid, this channel to support the Palestinian community is now compromised. Repair efforts are being discussed, but an exact timeline remains unclear. Meanwhile, military operations in nearby Rafah continue, adding layers of complexity to an already volatile situation.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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