Biden Won’t Appear On New Hampshire Primary Ballot

 October 28, 2023

President Joe Biden has decided not to participate in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary, a move that raises eyebrows and questions about his leadership capabilities.

It's not just a simple decision by Biden. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been working for a year to change the 2024 early state lineup. This has led to New Hampshire losing its influential position at the top of the calendar.

Despite the DNC's efforts, New Hampshire is still going ahead with its primary. This could lead to more penalties against the state by the party's leadership.

It seems that Biden's decision to stay off the ballot is in line with the DNC's presidential nominating calendar. Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden's campaign manager, mentioned that while Biden wishes to be part of the Primary, he feels obligated to follow the DNC's schedule.

Reactions and Implications of Biden's Absence

Ray Buckley, the New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair, received a letter from Rodriguez detailing Biden's decision. In it, she stated that Biden would not submit a Declaration of Candidacy before the upcoming filing deadline.

However, he will be present on the general election ballot come November 2024, POLITICO reported

Ray Buckley responded with confidence, stating that Biden would still win the New Hampshire primary in January. He believes Biden will also win renomination in Chicago and secure re-election the following November.

Interestingly, even though Biden's name will be missing, another Democrat might seize the opportunity. Rep. Dean Phillips from Minnesota is rumored to announce his presidential campaign soon. If he gains momentum, it could spell trouble for Biden in New Hampshire.

Write-in Efforts and Potential Challenges for Biden

Top Democrats in New Hampshire are not sitting idle. They are expected to spearhead a write-in campaign for Biden. This shows that despite his absence from the ballot, Biden still has significant support within the party.

However, the absence of a prominent name like Biden's on the ballot can have repercussions. It opens the door for other Democrats to make their mark and challenge his leadership.

One can't help but wonder if this move will backfire. With Rep. Dean Phillips potentially entering the race, Biden might face unexpected challenges from within his own party.

Conclusion and Future Implications

It's clear that Biden's decision to stay off the New Hampshire primary ballot is a calculated move. He's aligning with the DNC's efforts to reorder the early state lineup for 2024. But politics is unpredictable, and this decision might have unforeseen consequences.

With other Democrats potentially entering the fray, Biden's leadership and position within the party could be tested. Only time will tell if this was a wise decision or a misstep that could cost him dearly.

For now, all eyes are on New Hampshire and the upcoming primary. It promises to be an eventful and possibly game-changing contest for the Democrats.

  • Biden decided not to participate in the New Hampshire primary.
  • The DNC has been trying to change the early state lineup for 2024.
  • Rep. Dean Phillips might announce his presidential campaign soon.
  • Top Democrats in New Hampshire are planning a write-in campaign for Biden.
  • The absence of Biden's name on the ballot could have significant implications for the Democratic party.

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