Biden Under Fire For Seemingly Giving Putin A Gift

By Victor Winston, updated on February 18, 2024

Rep. Randy Weber blasted President Joe Biden for halting approvals on liquid natural gas (LNG) exportation, a move he sees as counterproductive to American interests and a boon to foreign adversaries, handing Putin a win and casting light on some controversial decisions by the Biden administration.

During his appearance on "Mornings with Maria" on the Fox Business Network, the Texas Republican did not mince words. Weber stressed that the decision marked a stark turn from President Biden's earlier push towards reducing European dependency on Russian LNG, instead offering American LNG as a viable alternative.

This pivot, according to Weber, not only undercuts America's intent to support energy independence among its allies but also directly impacts the domestic energy sector, particularly those employed along the Gulf Coast of Texas. He lamented the potential loss of jobs and the broader ramifications for U.S. energy dominance.

Implications for Global Politics and Security

Weber went further by suggesting the administration's actions serve the interests of international foes, notably Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iran. He drew a poignant connection between these policies and recent aggressions abroad, citing the tragic loss of three American servicemembers. The congressman's dissatisfaction was palpable as he expressed amazement at the administration's direction and the relative silence from the American populace on this critical issue.

Weber accused the President of pandering to climate activists within his political base, especially considering the timing in a campaign year, Breitbart reported.

If you think about it, last year, President Biden told the European countries they needed to get off of Russian LNG and we would supply their LNG, and America would. But, guess what? It’s a campaign year now. And so, all of a sudden, he’s taken this tack to appease his radical climate base. … It’s going to hurt the Gulf Coast of Texas, jobs for people, and energy independence, it seems like this President is intent on killing our energy industry.

Reflecting on Broader Implications

The criticism from Weber comes at a time when the U.S. is navigating the tightrope of global energy politics, balancing the need for energy security with the demands of environmental stewardship. His words echo a sentiment shared by others who fear that such shifts in policy not only embolden adversaries but also undermine the nation's economic and security frameworks.

Moreover, the alignment of nine Democrats with opposition voices reveals a bipartisan concern over the trajectory of American energy policy under the current administration. This coalition underscores the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for a reevaluation of the path forward.

Weber's critique serves as a stark reminder of the complex interplay between energy policy, national security, and global diplomacy. The decision to pause LNG export approvals has sparked a wide-ranging debate about America's role on the world stage and its commitment to fostering energy independence among allies.


The pause in LNG export approvals by the Biden administration, as criticized by Rep. Randy Weber, illuminates a rift between earlier promises to European allies and current policy actions.

This shift is perceived as detrimental to both the U.S. energy sector and its geopolitical stance, raising questions about the balance between environmental priorities and strategic interests.

Weber's pointed commentary underscores the controversy and calls for a reassessment of America's energy diplomacy and its broader implications on national security and international relations.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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