Biden Tries To Dismiss David Axelrod, But He Refuses To Go Away

 January 12, 2024

In a candid display of political discord, David Axelrod, former adviser to President Barack Obama, has openly distanced himself from President Joe Biden's camp.

Amidst concerns over Biden's re-election viability, Axelrod has expressed indifference towards the president's personal opinions about him.

David Axelrod's Indifference to Presidential Approval

Axelrod, now 68, conveyed a sense of apathy towards being in the president's good graces. In an interview with Politico, he remarked, "I’m at a stage in my life where I don’t give a s--t."

His detachment extends beyond personal feelings. Axelrod highlighted his lack of interest in White House social events, a notable shift from the political norm in Washington.

In a bold critique of Biden's age, Axelrod questioned the president's chances for a 2024 victory. At 81, Biden's age has become a focal point in discussions about his fitness for a second term.

Reflecting on Biden's age, Axelrod stated that defying nature's course is a "real problem" for the president.

Public Perception and Political Backlash

Axelrod's comments have stirred discussions beyond the political arena. In a light-hearted yet pointed remark, Republican strategist Mike Murphy joked about the potential consequences of Biden's proximity to Axelrod.

"If Biden were to get close to Axelrod, the president may end up convicted of manslaughter," Murphy quipped on a podcast, injecting a dose of humor into the serious political discourse.

Axelrod also addressed a personal barb reportedly hurled at him by Biden. Despite being called a "pr--k," Axelrod showed a nonchalant attitude towards such characterization.

He even shared a humorous anecdote about receiving buttons labeled "Pr--ks for Biden," signaling his ability to rise above political pettiness.

Axelrod's Political Insights Raise Eyebrows

In December 2023, Axelrod pointed to Biden's sagging approval ratings as a worrying sign. Citing a Wall Street Journal poll, he described the findings as "very, very dark" for Biden's future campaign prospects.

David Axelrod commented on the precarious state of Biden's public approval: "I know that people expect 100 percent loyalty, but that’s not my job."

His assessment of Biden's political trajectory continues to generate widespread attention. Axelrod's expertise, stemming from his years as a senior adviser to Obama, lends weight to his opinions.

Despite his critical stance, Axelrod reaffirmed his position in the Politico interview, standing firm on his previous assessments about Biden's age and reelection chances.

Conclusion: Weighing Political Realism Against Loyalty

The unfolding narrative between Biden and Axelrod underscores a tension between political realism and personal loyalty in Washington.

Axelrod's outspokenness serves as a reminder of the complexities in political relationships, especially as leaders age and the landscape shifts.

As the 2024 election approaches, such frank discussions about age, health, and political viability will likely become more prominent in public discourse. The balance between respecting elder statesmen and addressing the practicalities of governance remains a delicate yet crucial aspect of political life.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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