Biden Takes Record 418th Vacation Day

 December 29, 2023

President Joe Biden, amid the usual hustle and bustle of political life, has set a record with his latest vacation.

The president has taken his 418th vacation day, setting a new precedent for presidential leisure.

President Biden and his family have flown to the U.S. Virgin Islands to welcome the New Year. The Republican National Committee has been meticulously tracking these days, noting that this latest excursion brings his total vacation days to 418. This figure represents 39 percent of his time in office, a statistic that has not gone unnoticed by pundits and the public alike

Presidential Rest or Excessive Repose?

The President's choice of destination is the scenic Two Palms Villa, a beachfront property known for its luxurious accommodations and connection to Democratic benefactors. It's reported that the Bidens have vacationed at this very villa in the past, often as guests, raising questions about the funding of this current stay. The cost of the villa is listed at around $700 per night, a sum not inconsequential to the average American.

In this time of increased scrutiny on presidential downtime, the White House has remained tight-lipped about the specifics of the trip. They have not disclosed the number of family members joining the President nor the details of the financing of their accommodations. The Bidens will spend a week at this location, with their return to the usual duties of the presidency scheduled for January 2.

While it's common for presidents to take time away from the Oval Office, Biden's 39 percent vacation rate is notably higher than his predecessors. To put it in perspective, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter reported spending 11% and 5% of their presidencies, respectively, away on vacation. This stark contrast has not escaped the attention of those who closely monitor the President's schedule.

A Balancing Act of Duty and Downtime

The President's vacation time has involved stays at his Delaware properties, the presidential retreat at Camp David, as well as visits to the homes of wealthy Democrat supporters. Critics have pointed out the optics of such vacations, suggesting they could be seen as a sign of disconnect from the everyday concerns of Americans.

On the other hand, supporters argue that the President is entitled to rest and recuperation, especially given the demanding nature of his role.

The New York Times report sheds light on the Bidens' previous visits to Two Palms Villa, noting that they have stayed there as guests. However, this time, there has been no clear response from the White House on whether the Bidens are personally covering their vacation expenses.

Historical Context of Presidential Leisure

The scrutiny of Biden's vacation habits comes in the context of past presidential getaways. Historical comparisons show that the current president's vacation days substantially outnumber some of his predecessors. This is a sensitive matter for many Americans, who often look to their leader for examples of dedication and resilience, especially in times of national or global challenges.

Presidential vacations have always been a topic of public interest, with each president's approach to downtime offering a glimpse into their personal lives and work ethic. The debate around President Biden's vacation time is no exception, opening discussions on balancing leadership responsibilities and personal time.

Compared to former presidents like Obama, Reagan, and Carter, who spent a significantly smaller proportion of their terms on vacation, adds a layer of historical context to the conversation. It is a topic that, despite its seemingly trivial nature, can impact public perception and political discourse.


President Biden's vacation days now total 418, a significant proportion of his presidency. The costs and logistics of such trips, particularly the use of donor-owned properties, add complexity to the discussion.

  • The Bidens are staying at the Two Palms Villa in the U.S. Virgin Islands, owned by Democrat donors.
  • The villa cost approximately $700 per night, and it is unclear if the Bidens are paying for their stay.
  • There is no disclosure on the number of family members accompanying the President or the specifics of their stay.
  • The historical comparison with past presidents' vacation habits underscores the uniqueness of Biden's vacation frequency.

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