Biden Suggests Americans Take Air Force One To Fly To Baghdad To Get Cheap Prescription Medication

By Robert Cunningham, updated on March 22, 2024

President Biden's latest proposal is turning heads in an era where prescription costs can drain wallets.

The Daily Mail reported that Biden's proposal to use Air Force One for Americans seeking cheaper prescriptions overseas has sparked a debate.

A Presidential Proposal With Global Implications

President Joe Biden, known for his ambitious policy ideas, has floated a plan that could redefine the phrase "medical tourism." In a recent speech delivered in the heart of Arizona, the President suggested a novel use for the presidential aircraft, Air Force One: transporting Americans to global destinations like Baghdad, Iraq, to purchase prescription drugs at significantly lower prices.

This bold proposition came as part of a broader discussion on healthcare costs and Biden's domestic job record. It's an attention-grabbing element of his ongoing efforts to illustrate his administration's commitment to American investment, contrasting sharply with the policies of his predecessor.

The President is currently on a three-day tour through crucial swing states. His itinerary merges official presidential duties with campaign efforts, all while he seeks to shore up support, particularly from Latino communities, ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

The President's Arizona Address: Context and Comparisons

While speaking in Chandler, Arizona, President Biden did not shy away from highlighting his administration's achievements. After a visit to Intel's Ocotillo Campus, which has greatly benefited from the CHIPS and Science Act, Biden announced a hefty $8.5 billion direct funding to the facility, emphasizing the act's impact on job creation and technological advancement in the United States.

In his speech, Biden reiterated some of his State of the Union points, including the previously mentioned idea of flying citizens to Moscow for affordable drugs. He emphasized that his approach to governance focuses on investing in American innovation and workforce, drawing a stark contrast to the Trump administration's strategies.

Biden's proposal underscores a growing concern over the high medication cost, stating, "Any major city in the world, from Toronto to Berlin to Baghdad. Anywhere around the world, I'll get off the plane, you bring that prescription to that country, you'll be able to buy it for 40 to 60 percent less."

Balancing Official Duties and Campaign Strategies

The President's speech in Arizona is just a slice of a broader strategy that seeks to connect with American voters on multiple fronts. His three-day tour through Nevada, Arizona, and Texas includes both official and campaign stops, a testament to the importance of these states in the upcoming election.

In an attempt to draw a clear line between his and Trump's administration, Biden focused on their differing investment strategies. He highlighted the CHIPS Act funding's potential to benefit workers in multiple states, including Arizona, Ohio, New Mexico, and Oregon, with a particular note on the importance of Arizona in the presidential race.

Biden's outreach to Latino voters has been a cornerstone of his recent efforts. He addresses the community's concerns, particularly those related to Trump's immigration policies and comments. This outreach is crucial, especially given the Emerson College poll indicating Biden is trailing Trump in Arizona, a pivotal swing state.

Unlike my predecessor, I was determined to turn things around to invest in America - all-American, all Americans. My predecessor would let the future rebuild in China and other countries, not America, because it may be cheaper.


President Biden's proposal to use Air Force One to fly Americans to global cities for cheaper prescription drugs is a bold and unconventional strategy that has caught the public's attention. His comments in Arizona, part of a larger campaign to underscore his investment in America and solidify Latino voters' support, have sparked debates on healthcare costs and the role of government in ensuring affordable medication. The president's tour, which aligns with official duties and campaign objectives, reflects the urgency of addressing domestic issues while bolstering support in key swing states.

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