Biden Staffers Come Clean After Behind Closed Doors Lashing Following Special Counsel Report

 February 10, 2024

Biden staffers have come forward, expressing that Biden has lost control and has repeated vulgar outbursts after the special counsel findings.

President Joe Biden's reaction to special counsel Robert Hur's report, which questioned his cognitive state without charging him for classified document mishandling, has sparked debate.

Special counsel Robert Hur's revelations about President Joe Biden's handling of sensitive documents have left the nation in a quandary. The report, released on Thursday, digs deep into Biden’s personal and professional life, hinting at significant memory lapses during his vice presidency. It suggested that while Biden’s actions were willful, his forgetfulness might stir jury sympathy, hence recommending no charges against him.

An Outburst in Virginia Sheds Light on Biden's Challenges

At a private event in Virginia, upon hearing the findings, Biden's frustrations boiled over. Reportedly, he exclaimed, "You think I would forget the day my son died?" This outburst not only reflects a personal affront but also opens up a broader conversation regarding the suitability of high office holders, Western Journal reported.

Biden's memory mishaps were not limited to personal details. During the investigation, he had moments of confusion about his tenure as vice president. Questions like "If it was 2013 — when did I stop being Vice President?" reveal the depth of his memory issues.

His difficulties were further broadcasted during a news conference where he confused the Egyptian President with the "president of Mexico." This error, although seemingly minor, underscores a potentially larger issue of cognitive capability being brought into public discourse.

The Special Counsel's Report Raises Eyebrows

Robert Hur's detailed report casts a shadow over President Biden's cognitive health. It described him as an elderly figure who might evoke jury sympathy, hinting at the complexities of proving willfulness in his case. This nuanced perspective suggests a legal recognition of Biden’s possible cognitive decline, which complicates the narrative around his ability to serve.

The disclosure of Biden's memory lapses has stirred a national debate on age and fitness for critical roles in governance. "The report by Hur described Biden as 'someone for whom many jurors will want to identify reasonable doubt,'" emphasizing the challenge of convicting "a former president well into his eighties" on charges requiring proof of willfulness.

President Biden's anger, though initially expressed in a vulgar outburst, was later shared with a larger audience of House Democrats in Virginia, albeit without the harsh language. This sequence of events, from private frustration to public address, underscores a tension between personal affront and public scrutiny. Furthermore, the incident fosters a broader discussion on the demands placed on public officials, especially those of advanced age, to consistently perform at a high level.

It raises questions about the balance between empathy for natural age-related decline and the rigorous expectations of political leadership.


President Joe Biden's reaction to Special Counsel Robert Hur's report brings to the forefront issues of fitness for office, the challenges of aging in the public eye, and the complexities of navigating public service with personal vulnerabilities.

The report's findings on his handling of sensitive documents and noted memory issues, coupled with his vehement response, underscore an ongoing debate about the cognitive demands of high office and the empathetic considerations deserved by those who serve.

As discussions continue, the nation reflects on the delicate balance between personal well-being and public responsibility.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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